A 360o view standing on the 4 acres of land. click on any one of the pics will bring that picture to the foreground. The first picture is same as the last.

The acreage you are looking at is on the south slope of Haleakala Crater, the dormant volcano which comprises most of Maui.

With its sweeping panoramic views of both sides of the island, at 3000 ft. elevation, this breathtaking vista has trade winds carrying fresh tropical breezes from thousands of miles of open ocean, reaching in from the rain forest side of the island. When it is still, you can smell the lush tropical fauna which blankets the ancient landscape.

In this temperate zone of Maui, you will watch majestic rainstorms sweeping the valley floor, as they flow gently out to sea. This is the perfect weather zone for tourism year round. One of the most popular tourist destinations of Maui is Kihei along the south shores (see Picture 148).

Timeless rock walls line the landscape, as silent testimony to the ancient voyagers which settled this distant Island paradise from the farthest reaches of Polynesia. This is a land rich with legend and myth. This particular land is where the mountains often touch the clouds; the place that legend says is where the gods walk the Earth.

Located 3 miles from Tedeschi Vineyards, Maui's only winery, this secluded yet easily accessible land is perfect for building your dream home, or your very own vacation residence. Far enough away where you will not find traffic, yet close enough to towns and stores with a small drive to make shopping convenient.

What makes this offer so rare is that it is a ONE TIME ONLY land offer. His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui, the King of Hawaii, owner of all lands in Hawaii, has decreed the formation of a Humanitarian Foundation whose goal is to help his people in need of assistance with the basic provisions of life. It is the "sale" of this land, done through Special Royal Patent Decree, that shall be used to establish this foundation so needed in Hawaii. This is part of the Kingdom of Hawaii's outreach domestically and internationally.

As all land ownership has now been transferred back to Hawaii Kingdom rule, and all land is held in perpetual allodial trust as decreed by His Majesty's ancestors, the sale of property cannot happen again. That is why His Majesty is placing this in a special category which shall never be taxed or requiring further payment. Therefore this "sale" is actually a "perpetual transfer of land use rights".

To make this a quick sale, this land is available for $250,000, for all four acres, far below the $1,000,000/acre market value for undeveloped land if this quality. It is located along the Thompson Rd., in Kula, Maui, Hawaii 96790, the road leading to the vineyard.

It's .7 miles from Kula Hwy. you'll need to zoom in on the google map below to see Thompson Rd.

Plot Map of Parcels and surounding area

Map of Maui where property is located

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Property information;

Hawii Bureau of Conveyances

For the 4 acres Doc No 2000-157268 T.M.K. (2)2-2-1-32 The Queen just filed a Quitclaim deed. see Quitclaim_deed_2009-126669.html


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picture 143 View from the road below looking up at the porperty
picture 144 View from the road below looking down at the south shore Kihei
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