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By Robert Kelly
Contributor - Patrick McCormick

Honolulu, Hawai´i - August 15, 2008 - World Wide history was in the making in a plan to re-enact the "powers of state" at the site of the 'Iolani Palace', in Honolulu, Hawai´i by the 'Kingdom of Hawai´i'. History was made by and through Majesty King Akahi Nui and Her Royal Highness Queen Akahi Wahine. Majesty Akahi Nui, who is a direct descendant of Liloa, and of 100% Royal lineage on both sides of his family, has the Iolani Palace on his personal family's land, included in the Akahi Family Royal Patent Deed, Granted by Kamehameha to Akahi during the King's Mahele, which preceded the Great Mahele in 1848. His Majesty King Akahi not only holds a lien on the Palace and grounds, but all of Hawai´i.

His Majesty's family coat of arms and crest is all over the Palace. What kind of Kanaka Maoli "owns" a Palace deed? It isn't even possible for a normal subject to own a Palace The State of Hawaii had agreed with Majesty's ownership of the Palace since the year 2000, when the Deed was originally filed.

The next time you look at any particular State of Hawaii corporate logo for different divisions of government, see if you can see any part of the Akahi Coat of Arms within it, in plagiarized copyright infringement.

"This is not the first act as Majesty King Akahi Nui has concluded. When we facilitated his Crowning and Coronation on February 23rd, 1998, at the Palace Coronation Gazebo, by the ancient laws of monarchical succession, Majesty King Akahi Nui had reseated his family's throne. Without valid challenge or counter-claim against his right to the Crown of Hawaii, Majesty's existing position as King remains steadfast and in force," Said Patrick McCormick, King's Special Counsel.

Some 23 people of the Kingdom of Hawai´i went on the Palace grounds at about 4:30 in the afternoon and included the His Royal Majesty King Akahi Nui, Her Royal Highness Queen Akahi Wahine, Vanessa Fimbres, King's Legal Counsel/Attorney General, Tanya Kamalani Kaahanui, King's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eunice Puou, King's minister of Public Instruction, House of Nobles; Kamaka Puou, Jonah Keahi, Norman Abihai, Kingdom Marshal of the Provost - Donald Alfred Love-Boltz.

Then Dr. hc Randolph Delano Muller, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Hawai´i and Patrick McCormick, King's Special Counsel stood by as observers and Patrick McCormick stated; "I was there the night of August 15th, when the alleged "invasion" by the Kingdom of Hawaii and Majesty King Akahi Nui purportedly occurred, wherein I witnessed the whole event first-hand; of the Kingdom entering and possessing the grounds, repossessing the Palace and reenacting the throne at Iolani Palace by the Sovereign King of Hawaii. Now we shall set the record straight, to clear the gossip and unsubstantiated accusations."

Federal Marshal Love was contacted to consider facilitating His Majesty's return to the throne and Palace and as he accepted the King's offer, it was concluded that in his capacity as federal Marshal, it was required to protect the interests of all concerned. Marshal Love also knew he had an obligation of oath, regarding (international) matters of state, to a Kingdom in friendly treaty with the U.S., to protect both their interests.

His response to Majesty Akahi's request for protection and assistance regarding the repossession and reenacting of his throne, involved the issuing of three warrants; The First Warrant was a
NOTICE OF PASSAGE, which encompasses prevention of unauthorized trespass, in respect of the land being Kingdom soil. The Second Warrant was a FEDERAL PROTECTIVE CUSTODY ORDER to protect His Majesty, Her Highness, their Cabinet, Royal Guard and all aspects of the Kingdom of Hawaii from endangerment, and the Third Warrant was a FEDERAL ARREST WARRANT to prevent the State of Hawaii and its agents (or anyone else) from causing harm or endangerment of endearment to the Kingdom and everyone involved.

All of the warrants were issued under the authority of the U.S. Provost, the highest enforcement on the land, requiring U.S. Congress (to whom Marshal Love reports) to investigate. Since these warrants and the PROPERTY OF THE KINGDOM OF HAWAII TRUST sign were conspicuously posted on each gate and entrance (clearly delineating the boundary where State of Hawaii jurisdiction ends and federal jurisdiction begins), just by the State of Hawaii enforcement officers crossing the palace fence caused them to violate federal law. By breeching a federal protective custody order, violating an arrest warrant and threatening a Sovereign upon his land, now violations of the U.S. constitutional law are in effect, and it's an International matter. As Marshal Love proceeded to fulfill his other obligation of state by facilitating the reentry of the King into his Palace, and concurrent reenactment of the correct lineage onto the throne, the State of Hawaii showed up in full force, with armed HPD policemen, storm troopers, DLNR attorney generals and enforcement officers, who then assaulted, kidnapped and forcibly evicted the King, Queen, their Cabinet and Royal Guard and the federal Marshal off the grounds, incarcerating them unconstitutionally.

During the incident, after everyone else was removed, it took State officers three huddles and numerous questions to the Marshal to decide what to do. Afterwards, Love stated the HPD probably just wanted to take him aside so he could explain "just what was going down here", because they knew; you do not arrest federal Marshals. However, the Attorney Generals for the DLNR decided they would arrest the Marshal after receiving report he allegedly assaulted a state employee (which is turning out to be contrived). He also recalled hearing one of the officers say; "Uh oh, somebody really f d up."

Besides the fact the State of Hawaii obstructed a federal investigation, they also attempted to murder the federal Marshal while incarcerating him, with what Marshal Love deduced was a mixture of mind-altering drugs and poison, which he still feels the effects of two weeks later. He immediately began experiencing dangerous side effects from the first glass of water, and survived the false imprisonment by drinking only tap water, losing 15 pounds in the three days of incarceration.

When they decided to "arrest a sovereign group for breaking and entering into a monument of historical significance", they effectively assaulted a Sovereign owner and his people, kidnapping them off his land by force. In property title law, a title holder must willingly give up their interest in a property. Since the Kingdom did not willingly leave, by right of international law, the law of nations, and many other systems of law, His Majesty still seats and holds the throne, for the one who originally requested justice from Congress in 1893, Queen Liliuokalani, and for himself by rite of succession.


Realize that it was not the "seating of the throne", it was the "reenacting the powers of state" they interfered with the night of August 15th, 2008. Therefore, his presence on and of the throne is not in contest (that was done in 1998 with the Crowning and Coronation), the interference of state affairs of a Sovereign government by State of Hawaii through intervention of military force is.

To those who allege that the Kingdom of Hawai´i conducted "protests and demonstrations with violent overtones", we agree it is a wrong route to the goal. Rest assured the Kingdom did no such thing. The Majesties are Secured Party Creditor in both their private capacities and in their Royal capacities and they know to go to peace rather than to go to war.

Since only the U.S. violated the treaties but not the Kingdom, it meant the treaties remain in full force and effect. His Majesty also requested the federal Marshal investigate whether the (U.S.) Congress had fulfilled all obligations regarding Queen Liliuokalani's original demand for justice (from Congress) on January 17th, 1893. Marshal Love realized he had to answer the call. And of course local news media were present to witness the re-enactment of the Royal Hawaiian Iolani Palace for the first time since the unlawful armed military invasion in 1893, but as usual, after all of their fact gathering, there was all usual slanting of the truth and facts and of course much of the facts and truth fell to the so-called 'cutting room floor'.

It should be noted that Majesty King Akahi Nui and the Kingdom of Hawaii did not "storm the Palace". The 'Kingdom of Hawai´i' followed all procedure, administrative remedy, proper registry of claims, deeds, and notices to the appropriate parties in the matter of the Palace occupation, fulfilling all lawful obligation of public notice, offering ample time for any rebuttal, counter claim or objection to his claim of his family's land, buildings and possessions. All parties stood moot, agreeing with everything the Kingdom did through tacit procurement since the year 2000.

The King's entourage went onto the Palace grounds to look around and in some respect inspect the grounds and the Palace and later, approximately 5:30 PM, His Majesty King Akahi Nui and two of his people raised the original Kingdom Flag over the Guard Barracks on his Palace Property, an act not witnessed since before the invasion of 1893. As State of Hawaii agents, known as the "Friends of Iolani Palace" were preventing access into the Palace, His Majesty hoisted his colors over the military installation, which under the Law of the Flag, has more credence regarding issues of Protectorate.

It then became necessary for the King and his entourage to enter into the Palace and the federal Marshal assisted in opening the Palace door, of which at that time alarms went off and about 7 minutes later the police arrived and since the gates were chained by the King's people, the swat team had to climb over the Palace fence. As the King's entourage meandered out of the Palace, they were arrested and cuffed. Of the 23 that were there, only seven, as named above, were jailed over the weekend.

The 7 were charged with burglary, yet there was no intent to burglarize the Palace and charged with trespass, yet they were on the Kingdom land, as His Majesty holds Title to the Palace and holds superior security interest and lien on the Palace grounds and the Palace.
Her Highness and the 6 others were released from the Honolulu County jail at approximately 8:40 PM on Sunday night with a crowd of about 25 people waiting outside of the jail, who had been waiting for some 3? hours.

The news media always attached the term 'group' to this Palace event, but at all times, His Majesty corrected the media in stating that "We are a Nation!"

Upon the release of the seven, as Her Highness, before the press and the crowd present, she stated; "I'm ready to put my life forward for all the Hawaiian people, whatever its going to take, I will do whatever needs to be done, it has to be righted, the wrongs have be righted, justice has to be served Linda Lingle." (referring to the Governor of State of Hawaii)

The federal Marshal, after release from a Correctional Center, stated at gathering of the above and others stated; The objective was to seat the Throne of the King, my orders to everyone was that there was to be no harm done to anyone, and there would not be anything damaged on the grounds and there was to be no damage inside the Palace nor would anybody think of it..." "Any if any damage was done to the downstairs floor it was because of the storm troopers (swat team) that came storming in there and no regard whatsoever for anything except for starting to arresting people and they didn't care about the Palace at all." "If anything turns up missing it was done after we left."

After the release of the seven and the federal Marshal, they and others met at the Hotel room, of which the Hotel was visited several times by Honolulu police cars, some times as many as 4 to 5, parked on the street. There was a gathering to discuss the events, time for some to shower and rest and dinner was prepared, Hawaiian style. Later some people left for home, and the following morning, the rest proceeded home to Maui. The federal Marshall remained for a court hearing on Friday.

On August 20th, the Governor's Office, the Attorney General's Office and the Department of Land & Natural Resources were served a Letter/notice that the monetary damages for the unlawful incarceration for the six Kingdom people was $571 Million, the damages for the States trespass on Kingdom property is $100 Million and the damages for the unlawful arrest and incarceration of the federal Marshall, Mr. Love is $50 Million USD/money of account/credit.
His Royal Majesty King Akahi Nui has and holds lawful Royal Deeds to the Palace, its grounds and all of the land of the Hawai'i Islands and has filed a superior security interest and lien on all of the land of the Hawaiian Islands due to the unlawful military invasion for a sum certain of 100 Trillion Dollars (USD) under necessity. View UCC Financing Statement


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Majesty Akahi Nui has reclaim all 4 Islands.
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Kauai includes Niihau
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The news media try very hard to down play any event their Majesties are involded in.


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