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Excerpts of an Interview between Vanessa Fimbres (King's appointed Legal Consul) and R. Kelly (Owner and Editor of the Americans Bulletin, Medford, Oregon) on September 26, 2008 concerning Court hearing on Monday September 29, 2008 and a recent Private Administrative Process served on a States Park Administrator and an Executive Officer of the Friends of Iolani Palace.

ALL Statements are free to be used and reprinted.


You have made statements to the media and have served documents on the State of Hawaii, Attorney Generals Office and others that state they do not have jurisdiction or authority over this case or the Kingdom people, there seems to be some form of retaliation, do you still stand behind your actions?

"Our actions are not intended to embarrass the STATE OF HAWAII or the UNITED STATES, our actions are to simply save the lives of the Hawaiian people and the Hawaiian Islands, to rectify a wrong done a long time ago and continues to repeat itself today."

"Everyone's wasting their time and energy fighting amongst themselves, little sovereignty groups going in different directions wanting to be the one authority, little do they know or understand that there is actually a 100% Blue Blood Lineal Heir in existence, they don't know how lucky they are and what a unique situation this creates for Hawaii."

"Majesty Akahi Nui actually has the only clear and lawful Deed and Title to the Iolani Palace and all the soil within the islands, he literally holds the True Allodial Title to the Hawaiian Islands and a 100 Trillion-dollar Security Interest secured and documented within Financing Statements that are recorded on an international, national and state and county level, simply amazing."

"How do you get charged for Burglary, when the owner of the property gives you the authority to go in? How do you trespass on your own property? The truth will come out, as it is the STATE still hasn't brought forth evidence or proof of their standing or authority, they are in the same de-facto position they were when they initially unlawfully imprisoned the Queen Kahau. If they don't cease this will end up in the Hague- The International Criminal Court, that's where this should be and will end up. Each individual is personally and commercially responsible for their-own actions and will be held accountable"

September 26, 2008


Vanessa Fimbres, King's Consul
The Kingdom of Hawaii Nation