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Date: February 24, 2009

In Re: Case No.: 07-1372

Subject: STATE OF HAWAII, ET AL., PETITIONERS v. OFFICE OF HAWAIIAN AFFAIRS, ET AL. case over the sale and transfer of ceded lands.




Your Honors, as you consider whether to "allow" the federal U.S. sub-corporation State of Hawaii to sell the (ceded) lands of my Hawaii Kingdom, I strongly recommend you carefully consider all potential ramifications of your decision. Please see attached correspondence from His Majesty Akahi Nui, King of the Hawaiian Islands, concerning his secured interest in the above mentioned case. Included are Supporting documents supporting said interest.

  1. .Declaration of Finding of Facts
  2. .Royal Land Patent Deed reference sheet and cover pages
  3. .Financing Statement concerning the Islands of Hawaii
  4. .Letter to Bureau of Conveyance concerning Financing Statement:
  5. .Governor Linda Lingle Notice of Default and affidavit of Default
  6. .Published Public Notice-2
  7. .Article published in The Americans Bulletin on:

Thank you in advance for your time and attention in this very important issue.



Vanessa Fimbres, Kings Consul


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