Kingdom of Hawaii King's Crest
His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui & Her Royal Highess Akahi Wahine
The Sovereign Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation
Poste Box 2845 - Wailuku, Hawai’i

Kingdom of Hawaii Flag
Sovereign Nation of Akua
Kingdom of Hawaii ruleLine


Transportation docs filed 2009
Transportation docs filed 1993
The Right to Occupy the Land_Kingdom of Hawaii Nation | Filed 7/17/2004
Private International Remedy Command In Accord with the Law of Nations First Notice | 02-23-2010
Private International Remedy Command In Accord with the Law of Nations 2nd Notice | 03-06-2010
3rd Notice | 03-16-2010
Sacred Trust Akahi Nui Royal Majesty
The Contract Hawaii Security Instrument
Letter to President Obama Regarding the Akaka Bill legistation - 9/16/2009
Humanitarian Project on a mission in the Philippines


In the Media
THE AMERICANS BULLETIN World Wide Update on the Kingdom of Hawaii July-August_2009 | By Vanessa Fimbres
Majesty Akahi Nui claims Hawaiian Palace 09/03/2008 | By Robert Kelly, Contributor Patrick McCormick
Majesty Akahi Nui claims Hawaiian Palace throne seated asserts-sovereignty | 09/10/2008
Akahi's Motion to Dismiss Felony Information Based on Insufficient Evidence to Find Probable Cause | 05/22/2009
Media Statement - August 15th, 2008, when the alleged "invasion" by the Kingdom of Hawaii | by Patrick McCormick
Exerpts of an Interview between Venessa and R. Kelly | 09/26/2008
GOOD MORNING AMERICA GOOD OL' MASS MEDIA IS FAILING TO TELL YOU - October 2008 | By Vanessa Fimbres Hawai'i Presentation given at the International Conference For a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World - 04/30/2010
WAR on The World: Rothschild League's 30 Facts Evidencing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned


All Hawaiian Royal Land Patent Deeds
All Deeds - Filed with the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances
Iolani Palace Deed - part 1 - 41 pages
Oahu / Palmyra Island Deed - part 1 - 20 pages
Maui / Molokai, Lanai & Kahoolawe Deed - part 1 - 18 pages
Hawaii Deed - part 1 - 23 pages
Kauai / Niihau Deed - part 1 - 13 pages - 01-11-2002
All Deeds - part 2 - 20 pages
Supreme Court Ceded Lands - 2/25/2009
4 acers for sale in Kula


Judicial Process
Cover Letter to Supreme Court - 2/24/2009
Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure and Contest Acceptance - 10/21/2008
Human Rights Complaint (current and ongoing) /Police Reports - 11 pgs. 9/30/2008
Affidavit of Notice of Default and of RES JUDICATA / Linda Lingle - Item # 11177/KOH - 8/29/2008
Cover Letter 1 for Judicial Notice - Mark Bennett, Attorney General - 9/25/2008
Notice of Fault-oppty to Cure to SOH AG Lolani - 9/10/2008
Judicial Notice by Special Visitaion with DEMAND TO QUASH SUPPORTED WITH AFFIDAVlT DECLARATION - 9/5/2008
Notice of Expatration & Repatriation and Non-Allsgiance - 8/18/2008
Notice of Expatration & Repatriation and Non-Allsgiance part 2
Affidavit Declaration - August 2008
Affidavit of Publication - 8/14/2008
Notice to Governor Lingle Re Marshal Love - 8/12/2008
Affidavit of Notice of Default - KIPPEN DE ALBA CHU - 3/20/2008
Judicial Notice Queen - 3/9/2008
Oaths of Office - 7/13/2003
Notice, Refusal for Cause, Challenge to Jurisdiction, Public Law Demand Item # 0257707-25 Akahi KOH - 8/27/2008


Legal Process
Letter to Human Rights Council For Defence - 10/20/2008
Letter to Joseph Self Jr. - 9/30/2008
Full Disclosure as to the CLAIM OF OWNERSHIP, AUTHORITY & LAND TITLE OF IOLANI PALACE | Daniel Quinn - 9/26/2008
Kings Royal Decree Re-establishing the Kingdom
Legal Basis Hawaiian Sovereignty
Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure and Contest Acceptance | KIPPEN DE ALBA CHU - 3/20/2008
Conditional Acceptance for Value for Proof of Claim | KIPPEN DE ALBA CHU - 3/20/2008
Letter to BOC Security Agreement - 1/13/2009
King's Declaration Expatriation and Repatriation - 1/1/2008
Majesty Akahi Nui claims Hawaiian Palace
Marshalls Bond - 8/12/2008
Demand for a Bill of Particulars | Arrest No.: 08305312
Notice of Passage
Warrant of Arrest - 8/15/2008
Warrant of the Provost - 8/15/2008


Tort Process Against Gov. Linda Lingle
Notice of Tort Claim Index -
Notice of International Tort Claim - Item # Lingle / 0-77003-7-9
Notice of Tort Claim /w Assessment for Damages - 10/18/2008
Exhibits - 3 Notices of Interests
Notice of Interest on Real Property - 3/13/2009
Notice of Interest 9 Firebreak Rd - Mokulele Hwy-Maui Hawaii with title's recorded to: Majesty Akahi Nui - 3/13/2009
Notice of Interest Generic Realestate - 3/13/2009
UCC Financing Statement | 2008-035834 - 3/7/2008 | (Five Hundred Million)
UCC Financing Statement | 2008-035835 - 3/7/2008
UCC Financing Statement | 2008-035836 | (Three Hundred Trillion) - 3/7/2008
Unrebutted Public Notices
Declaration of the Findings of Facts
Private Administrative Process/ Linda Lingle
Conditional Acceptance for Value CAFV - 7/30/2008
Notice of Fault Opportunity - 8/25/2008
Affidavit of Certificate of Non-Response - 8/27/2008
Affidavit of Negative Averment - 3/9/2009


Akahi Nui Government Statues
Executive Departments
CHAPTER I Government Press
CHAPTER II Internal Commerce
CHAPTER III Internal Improvement
CHAPTER IV Gubernatorial Transactions
CHAPTER V Subject and Foreigners
CHAPTER VI Coasting Trade & Fisheries
CHAPTER VII Hawaiian Lands Office


Global Issues
Declaration of Royal Decendancy - 12/25/1996
UN Declaration of Human Rights
Newlands Resolution
Restoration Independence Hawaii
Discovery Doctrine
Health & Safety
GMO in Hawaii


Hawaiian History
Hawaiian History
Nation Flags Treaties Hawaii
Treaties - NEW - flip page script| handwriten copies
Treaties between the Hawaii Kingdom and United States
Hawaiian Akaka Bill part 1
Hawaiian Akaka Bill part 2
Hawaiian Constitution of 1852 in Hawaiian and English
Hawaiian Constitution of 1840
Hawaiian Declaration of Rights 1839
Organic Act
Organic Act part 2
Timeline Kingdom of Hawaii
Blount Report
Nuremberg Tribunal 1950
United Nations Article 73
Order and Demand to Cease and Desist - 03/13/2002
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) Visit to Hawaii
Dec. 1893 Cleveland expresses grave concers over American annexation of Hawaii
Professor Francis Anthony Boyle Bio
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
Official Protest to the Treaty of Annexation


Na Kanaka Maoli
In Loving Memory Apostle Paul Kamanu
Difference between Kanaka maoli and Native Hawaiians
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Letters of Royal Acknowledgement | 1 thru 4 - 11/8-9/1997
Prophet David McDonald - 09/5/1998
Writ of Prohibition
Public Notice Flag - 6/6/2008
Coronation of Royal Majesty Akahi Nui
Diplomatic Visa and Diplomatic Passports
Akahi Nui at the United Nations
Public Law 103-150
Protest of the Hawaiian Nation
President Bush and Hawaiian Sovereignty
Letter to President George W. Bush Jr.
9-11 Tragedy | Personal and National Repentance
Republic of Texas - President McDaniel with Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamalani Kaahanui


Frequently Asked Questions - Hawaiian Affairs
Contact Us
4 acers for sale
Private bulletin - login
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
Comlaint Regarding Violation of Copyright | - 9/22/2008


UCC Financing Statement No: 2008-059-1383-7 | BOC No. 2008-035836 - 3/7/2008
UCC Financing Statement No: 2008-059-1383-7 | (Fifty-Billion) - 2/28/2008
UCC Financing Statement No: 2008-058-0844-7 | EnsLegis/Trust | BOC No. 2008-035832 - 3/7/2008
UCC Financing Statement No: 2007-287-2418-3 | (One-Hundred-Trillion) - 10/14/2007
UCC Financing Statement No: 2008-058-0844-7
UCC Financing Statement No: 2008-058-0832-4 | EnsLegis/Trust | BOC No. 2008-035832 - 03/70/2008
UCC Financing Statement | Alexander and Baldwin - 10/31/2007
UCC Financing Statement: 2007-287-2418-3 | De-facto state of Hawaii | BOC No. 2007-192182 - 10/14/2007
UCC Financing Statement No: 2007-303-7211-2 | Charles Loomis | BOC No. 2007-192178 - 10/31/2007
UCC Financing Statement No: 2007-298-5818-4 | Deborah Wright | BOC No. 2007-192181 - 10/31/2007
UCC Financing Statement No: 2007-298-5762-0 | Deborah Wright | BOC No. 2007-192180 - 10/31/2007


Archived Headlines and Articles
Activist groups - His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui is not involved with any "movement" or activist groups.
Akaka Bill - Flow Chart
Analysis of the Akaka Bill part 2
STOP the Akaka Bill
Hawaiians on Maui say no to AKAKA BILL
Chronology of AKAKA Bill
Transcript of Joint Resolution to Provide for Annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the United States (1898)
Constitution of the United States of America
America Defaults on the Kingdom of Hawaii - Writ of Prohibition
Amnesty International & HRM Akahi Nui
Amnesty International - The First letter, Standard Answer to all mail
Amnesty Letter 2 - Promising involvement - 12/16/2002
The Avalon Project - Laws of War
Kupuna Anuinui Manao
Ask Bob Roggasch
Majesty's in Geneva Switzerland
Plot uncovered to Assassinate His Majesty
Letter to Ben Cayetano - Gov. of Hawaii - 04/17/2001
Parting words from webmaster Eric
Hawai'i and American Law
HRM's Bishop Paul Kamanu - 02/22/1998
Claimant to the Hawaiian throne
Bureau of Conveyance
Land Grabbers Lose Lawsuit Makenna Beach
Deeds to All Hawaiian Land
Honor of Ethel Abreu
indigenous hunger strike
Falsely imprisoned - MAY 28, 1998
Kamehameha Schools
Majesty Akahi Nui
Majesty Akahi Nui Declares Amnesty
Prophecy of Queen Liliuokalani
Receiving Kingdom of Hawaii Flag
UNPO MONITOR Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization
Our Kupuna Speaks
"Papa" Tanaka Speaks
The First Unity Gathering August 31, 2003
Judge Shackley F. Raffetto sentenced His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui - 3-29-2001
Response Letter - Sovereignty


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