February 23, 2010


Applicable to any and all parties involved in any, shape, and/or form.

IN RE: Your CIVIL CASE NO. 09-1-0735 (3) and (Other Civil Criminal Actions, Forms and
Substance), associated and including, files, cases, accounts, fixtures, derivatives, securities,
principle and interests, attachments, and the like.


Partnership LLP, and MICHEAL W. GIBSON, et al., and all verisimilitudes and capacities.
C/O Michael W. Gibson, ET AL., and all verisimilitudes and capacities.
1099 Alakea Street, Suite 1400
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-539-0400 Fax: 808-533-4945
Certified Mail #:7009 0960 0000 3755 3411

The Honorable Joseph E. Cardoza, ET AL., and all verisimlitudes and capacities.
C/O Clerk of the Court
2145 Main Street #4b
Wailuku, HI 96793
Ph: 808-244-2700 Fax: 808-244-2941 and Fax: 808-244-2932


Private International Remedy Command First Notice


To: Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. IN RE: Your CIVIL CASE NO. 09-1-0735 (3) and (Other Civil Criminal Actions, Forms and Substance)
Private International Remedy Command In Accord with the Law of Nations
First Notice02-23-2010
Second Notice 03-06-2010
Third Notice 03-16-2010
Sacred Trust Akahi Nui Royal Majesty
The Contract Hawaii Security Instrument


Certified Mail #7009 0960 0000 3755 3497

Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald T. Y. Moon ET AL., and all verisimilitudes and capacities.
C/O Office of the Chief Clerk
Aliiolani Hale
417 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Ph: 808-539-4700: FAX: 539-4928
Certified Mail #7009 0960 0000 3755 3466

For: The Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation, Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation Ministry Trust, The Royal Family, Private International Superior Administrative Tribunal, Kanaka Maoli and including all intended beneficiaries. Hereinafter "Trust" and "Beneficiary(ies)"

We COMMAND that Respondents QUIT, STOP, HALT, CEASE, AND DESIST all actions.

Respondents are hereby noticed: All of Respondents are hereby noticed that Respondents are in fact in violation of Universal Principles and Laws, including those of God the almighty Creator I'o, placing Respondents into Universal Jurisdiction for crimes against humanity and our Hawaii.

We received your offer to enter a SUMMARY JUDGEMENT against the "Trust" under Respondents jurisdiction. We did not find a check or other negotiable instrument for an equal exchange of valuable consideration. We accept your offer and all other offers for value and return them to you with the enclosed invoice #BW0219101 dated February 23, 2010 for adjustment, settlement, closure and delivery indemnification to us; and including all compensations, damages, injuries, precedes, products, services, fees, costs, expenses, and taxes listed under all Respondents laws and authorities.

Because Respondents failed or otherwise refused to disclose all the facts in the matter, we did some research and wish to clarify our agreements for invoice and billing purposes prior to adjustment. Specifically, there was no fully disclosed, informed, consent that we entered into some kind of private contract by and through deception.




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Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service


verisimilitudes: The appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true


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In light and of, and because of, our discovery...


In HONOR AND JUSTICE, we COMMAND that Respondents immediately produce and deliver to us the following DOCUMENTS for the approval and acceptance by the "Trust". Any and all documents must meet all TERMS AND CONDITIONS be clear, concise, unambiguous, intelligible and void of obvious or intentional vagueness, contextomy, logistical fallacies, linguistic morphemes, and the like. All documents must be original or verifiable true, correct and complete copies:

We COMMAND that Respondents immediately deliver to me the following documents.

 1.Any and all valid, verified, bona fide proof of claims past, present or future purporting and equal exchange of valuable consideration and proof of exchange.
 2.Any and all valid, verified, bona fide agreements from the original takings purporting and equal exchange of valuable consideration and proof of exchange.
 3.Identify, describe and name any and to this matter and to one another and disclose conflicting principle and interests.
 4.Deliver documents describing under what authority, scope, and jurisdictions all parties and participants acted in and to these matters. Include all "Nuremberg Orders" or responsibility remains with the actor.
 5.Any and all licenses, bonds, insurances, and Oaths of Office of all participants in this instant matter.
 6.All pertinent duties, responsibilities, and obligations, including Corporate Charters, Articles of incorporation, all Treaties, Acts, Laws, Codes, Penal, Ordinances, and the like.
 7.Pertinent corporate minutes, job descriptions, mission statements, contracts, and subcontracts any/all corporate directors, officers and management employees, including any remotely/intertwined related contracts, associations and agreements both written and verbal with any/all parties and their positions with their authority, duties, responsibilities, obligations, clearly identified. A clearly formatted chart of the hierarchy of corporate command and authority.
 8.The last recorded documents proving principle, interests, all property and/or associations of any type of all parties that is in accord with the TERM AND CONDITIONS in this matter.


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Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service


contextomy: refers to the selective excerpting of words from their original linguistic context in a way that distorts the source’s intended meaning, a practice commonly referred to as “quoting out of context.” A contextomized quotation not only prompts audiences to form a false impression of the source’s intentions, but can contaminate subsequent interpretation of the quote when it is restored to its original context. I delineate this counterintuitive consequence of contextomy as it pertains to recent political efforts to eliminate affirmative action programs.

logistical fallacies: Latin for "does not follow". Contains a claim that is irrelevant to/unsupported by the evidence that purportedly supports it; the conclusion does not follow from the premise given.

morphemes: is the smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language.


 9.Deliver any and all documents that RESPONDENTS have had, are currently having, or will be in communication with and the nature and content of such communications.
10.Identify any/all associated persons, security personnel, employers, business associates, partners, contractors, subcontractors, employees, private investigators, associated and entwined corporations, clients that are foreign, domestic, and/or private and their related positions, benefits, relationship and their authority to/over RESPONDENTS.
11.Deliver all policy numbers and their dates, or otherwise presidential signing statements and the dates signed, along with the stock market tickers, and billing codes.
12.Any and all documents that purport any type or kind of culpability or liability on the Trust gained in compliance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
13.Any and all undisclosed nations, vehicles, entities, states, territories, nations within a nation, such as New Columbia, and/or the like whose Laws jurisdiction and Laws that you wish to declare, must be disclosed.


In addition, We COMMAND that Respondents deliver to me an AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH sworn under penalty of perjury, in accord with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and publicly noticed that states:

 1.That Respondents are in honor of all of Respondents' own offers.
 2.That all correspondence is in conformity and compliance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and all pre-existing agreements, duties, responsibilities and obligations.
 3.That Respondents never represented your Administrative Tribunal as a Court of Justice, where a disinterested third party, is referred to as a JUDGE, serves as a disinterested referee intentionally misleading the trustees and/or Trust employees by and through displaying costumes, uniformity, titles, signs, symbols, correspondence, procedures, armed officers, verbiage, formats, equipment, and establishments employee positions, titles and names, indicating a court of justice.
 4.That Respondents' COURT, its employees and contractors have no prejudice, impartiality, and/or conflicts of principle and interest, investments, pre-existing contracts, duties, responsibilities, obligations, and/or the like, and does not stand to award, win, gain, or loss, benefit anything regardless of the outcome.
 5.That the COURT, all actors, employees, contractors, and the like in all capacities, are not in fact parties to the action.



 6.That Respondents do have vested principle and interests and were in fact acting as an unknown, undisclosed party in this matter, disqualifying Respondents as a conflict of principle and interest resulting in frustration of purpose to the "Trust", and "Beneficiaries" while posing as an impartial third party authorized to resolve conflict with a party other than yourselves in misrepresentation of a referee.
 7.That Respondents did legally and lawfully obtain any and/or all decrees in accord with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS set forth herein.
 8.That Respondents did not bond this matter in their court by and through some undisclosed, unknown persons, contracts, trespasses, conveyances, assigns, and the like to obtain a Private Contract in an alternate capacity, by and through jurisprudences of laws, disguise, decoy letters, trickery, lies, deceptions, and the like while diverting the issues, by and through identifying each and every necessary procedure and requirement, by and through acting in representation of a legal, lawful authority within Respondents scope, jurisdiction, culpability, authority and capacity.
 9.That Respondents, over the last 200 hundred years, did not commit, uphold, direct, endorse and implement heinous crimes against the Hawaii Nei.
10.That Respondents did not use public court and/or funds to go privately against the "Trust" and discriminate against the Nation's first blood people.
11.That Respondents, and cohorts have not caused catastrophic damages to the land, inhabitants, surrounding oceans, and spirits in fact and deed.
12.That Respondents' did not practice law from the bench; testify in this matter, and usurp e the powers, authority, principle and interests of the beneficiaries. That Respondents have not usurped and benefits of the "Trust".
13.That Respondents are not in fact a den of thieves participating in RICO actions for a foreign corporation and/or third party capital ventures that is subject to RICO contravention under some unknown, undisclosed letter of marquee and reprisal.
14.That Respondents are not abusing the court and usurping the powers of the court from an honorable and respectable country, by slandering, libeling, and otherwise injuring and damaging their good name and reputation in representation of the principle and interests of uncountable corporations, persons, foreign or domestic governments by defrauding, abusing, and luring the CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SECOND CIRCUIT STATE OF HAWAII, the staff, procedures, contractors, personnel and/or employees into illegal and/or international terrorist activity.
15.That any and all offers issued by Respondents and any and all representatives are accepted in substance, fact, and deed, and claimed and returned to Respondent for adjustment, settlement, closure and delivery to the Trust. The Trust is exempt from levy.
16.Any malapropriations must disclose a policy number and date, presidential signing statement, the stock market ticker and any and all related billing codes.



17.That by and through connotation, schematics, directions, deeds and/or actions Respondents ADMIT AND STIPULATE, acknowledge, validate, and recognize the Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation Ministry Trust as the legal, lawful, rightful authority, and having omnipotent, and omnipresent jurisdiction under Creator I'o, in, above, beside, and beneath any and all matters in this nation.
18.That Respondents are not in fact and deed in violation of the universal principles and laws of the Creator I'o.

Respondents must respond to the aforementioned documents and affirmations within ten (10) days of this Certified Notice and Security Instrument TMBCMBRDK - #1021910/HAWAIISECURITYINSTRUMENT/3411, in accord with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this agreement.
Respondents must respond within ten (10) days of the postmark on this envelope, or the date of delivery. Unless disputed, the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS will apply:


 1.As used in all instruments in this matter, unless the context otherwise requires, terms shall have the meanings ascribed herein. Words in the plural shall include the singular and vice versa. Words importing the masculine shall import the feminine and vice versa. The word "include", "includes", and "including", shall not "exclude" other items not enumerated that are of the same general class, and/or category, and vice versa. The terms: its/theirs, you/yours, always refers to the Respondents, and includes, and/or that defects may have caused and or created. The terms us/ours, my/mine, and we refers to The Royal Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation Ministry Trust, hereinafter "Trust". The Royal Family, and/or the beneficiaries, Kanaka Maoli hereinafter, "Beneficiaries" represented in accord with the "Trust". Any references to time includes past tense, present tense, and future tenses, unless otherwise specified.
 2.Our version of your laws in Article VI, Clause 2, also known as the supremacy clause, of the United States Constitution, applies in this matter. It reads: "This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which shall be made Pursuant thereof, and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding." State judges are required to uphold it, even if state laws or constitutions conflict with it.



 3.In any and all time frames, any and all agreements, Treaties, and contracts made voluntarily, and include an agreed upon equal exchange of valuable consideration. Proof of exchange and receipt must be realized by both parties. All agreements must be in accord with your "Clean Hands" and "Good Faith" Doctrines. All agreements must be in accord with socially and civilly agreed upon morals and ethics. All contracts must have full disclosure, and noticed informed consent. All agreements must be comprehensible, intentional. compensated, noticed, informed, and consensual. All agreements must be made absolutely void of any type or kind of duress, intimidation, extortion, detainment and/or any other restriction or illusion, and must not have been obtained by and/or through trickery, lies, or deceptions. Treaties, and/or agreements failing to meet the aforementioned protocol and/or criterion are agreed to be void ab initio, in fact and deed.
 4.All actions and correspondence must be clear, concise, direct, to the point, and must not be vague, conflicting, misleading, or ambiguous.
 5.Any and all or Respondents contracts, offers, duties, responsibilities, obligations, and agreements filed, and/or registered, and/or subject to, and the like, any and all registries, authorities, commissions and the like, are ACCEPTED and returned for value in exchange for adjustment, settlement, corrections, replevins, closure, dismissal and payment. Our invoices must be figured in prior to adjustments.
 6.All of its/their corporations, veils, partnerships, entities, businesses, subsidiaries, franchises, partnerships, contracts, and the like are subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the agreement. In all correspondences, its/theirs, you/your also includes all of its/their public and private capacities, trusts, notes, deeds, accounts, contracts, stock, units, bonds, chattels, cases, files, derivatives, fixtures, principles, interests, securities, and including the like, and includes its/theirs you/your items paid for, assumed, created, gifted, and/or otherwise acquired by and/or through all verisimilitudes, including: STRAWMAN, DUMMIES, ALIASES, ENTITIES, FICTIONS, DUMMIES and NAMES, INDIVIDUALS, PERSONS, NOMINEES, whether or not administered, adjudicated, assumed, registered, expropriated, misappropriated, and/or including the like.
 7.Any and all duties, responsibilities and obligations including authorizations, scopes, jurisdictions, judgments, skills, abilities, and capacities with the obligation of responding, and being answerable to and for all liabilities, including all actions done and required for replevins and/or indemnification from any and all culpable and/or liable parties. All responsible parties are responsible for the production and delivery of all documents, and statements for all liabilities including remedies, for complete and absolute indemnification and all fees, products, services, costs, and expenses, attached, associated and/or incorporated. The "Respondent" who is served is the person who is responsible to depositions and interrogatories, and will serve as collateral and/or surety for securities created by and/or thorough representative actions. This includes all liabilities resulting from actions material to this matter, as itemized on our invoice.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service


ab initio: Refers to the time from when a legal document comes into force.

replevins: An action to recover personal property said or claimed to be unlawfully taken.

verisimilitudes: (or truthlikeness) something, as an assertion, having merely the appearance of truth.

indemnifying: To compensate for loss or damage; to provide security for financial reimbursement to an individual in case of a specified loss incurred by the person. What is indemnification

interrogatories: (also known as requests for further information) are a formal set of written questions propounded by one litigant and required to be answered by an adversary, in order to clarify matters of fact and help to determine in advance what facts will be presented at any trial in the case.


 8.Taking authority, jurisdiction and/or any and all property, principle and/or interests by force under any circumstance or the illusion of the circumstance, including "The Safe Harbor Laws", "Medical, Mental, Psychiatric or Psychological Warfare". "Duress, Armed or otherwise Physical Interference" is not consistent with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and is realized as a heinous crimes in fact.
 9.We agree that the sinister use of linguistics, logic, jurisprudence of laws, context, issues, and/or any and all attempts at trickery, lies, and deceptions qualify Respondents as being in voluntary ADMISSION AND STIPULATION for self-executing default judgement.
10.Our fee schedule discloses our products, services, costs, fees, fines, expenses, and the like. Prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to command our form of payment, including gold and silver.
11.The current bill is due immediately. Any and all payments must be sent Pay to the Order of The Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation Ministry Trust, unless otherwise stipulated for cause.
12.Respondents agree that any and all intentional linguistic morphemes, logistical fallacies, changing, altering, defecting, defacing, and/or attempts to alter the TERMS AND CONDITIONS on Respondents part is agreed by respondents to be the equivalent of forfeiture, and delivery of any and all principle and interests, and an agreed voluntary immediate default judgment in our favor.
13.The definitions of the terms used herein are found separately in most business dictionaries, and must be consistent with the context and subject. Our references are Black's Law 5th Ed., and/or on line at www.wikipedia.com, and/or the experience, education or desire of the Senior International Diplomatic Ambassadors as members of the Private International Superior Administrative Tribunal. The terms shall be defined in the context that they are applied. For international matters, use the applicable Private International Law definitions. And of course, for definitions in Banking, Finance, Securities and Insurance, use the appropriate definitions in compliance and conformity to the context in which they are use, and apply the principle to all words.
14.Any malapropriations must be disclosed, including a policy number and date, presidential signing statement, the stock market ticker and any and all related billing codes.
15.If Respondents disagree with this notice or any part of it, Respondents have the right to a Fair Hearing. All hearings on all matters shall be held and heard under the powers of The Private International Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation Ministry Trust Superior Administrative Tribunal disclosed in this notice.
16.Final resolutions of any and all TERMS AND CONDITIONS regarding all matters of The Kingdom of Hawai'i, et al., past, present, and future, will be determined by The Private International Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation Ministry Trust Superior Administrative Tribunal. The Tribunal consists of Senior International Diplomatic Ambassadors granted with full judicial/diplomatic authority/and immunity by the King or Queen, or heirs to the Kingdom, who are the only Rulers. In whom they have commanded absolute, superior, and supreme



 power and in which authority is held, to administer, judge, settle and close any and all matters.
17.The Private International Superior Administrative Tribunal shall have the power and authority to decree the Superior judgments over any and all inferior authorities, including courts, nations, agencies, organizations, corporations, persons, cities, state, districts, counties, codes, ordinances, venues, associations, colleges, universities, institutions, governments, hospitals, medical personnel of any kind, revenue offices, the post office, and the like, universally.
18.Any and all persons committing crimes shall be accountable for all crimes resulting from their actions. No transitive conjecture of collateral or surety, or penal substitution will be accepted unless obtained by and through the same TERMS AND CONDITIONS as set forth herein, including feoffee, expromissor and/or repledger agreements. Any violations will constitute more crimes.
19.If it is not simple it is not law.
20.All Trustees agree to represent the best interests of the Trust for the intended Beneficiaries. The intended beneficiaries are the Royal Family, Kanaka Maoli, First blood people and heirs.
21.We limit the authorization of pass through of our accounts in this matter solely for the purpose of adjustment, settlement, closure and discharge of all debts by and through delivery of all proceeds to us. We do not authorize debts that are not equally charged.
22.IN CONSIDERATION: Respondents response to each and every enumeration in the DEMAND FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS and AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH must be true, clear, concise, direct, defined, completely unambiguous, and made in good faith with clean hands, publicly noticed and sworn under penalty of perjury. The price for perjury to be determined by our Schedule of fees.
23.Respondents REFUSAL or otherwise FAILURE to produce and deliver each and every document commanded and each and very affirmation commanded individually by enumeration, in accord with the generally accepted formats described in TERMS AND CONDITIONS and as the incorporated inferences exhibited, will result in noticed, informed consent for default judgments unless specifically stipulated otherwise.
24.Unless disputed, the beneficiaries will hold all complete, absolute, and unobstructed beneficial principle and interests, unless they contract under the same TERMS AND CONDITIONS here within.
25.Any and all information received may be used for any purpose.
26.Respondents' agree to turn over any and all signed orders via oaths, job description, duties and the like, for crimes committed, or pay for the crimes as though Respondents acted on Respondents own accord. Or the Respondents' agree to full unobstructed authorization to release any and all information in this matter by and through subrogation. Respondents


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Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service


Feoffee, or more correctly within this context feoffee to uses, is a historical term relating to the law of trusts and equity, referring to the owner of a legal title of a property when he is not the equitable owner. Feoffees essentially had their titles stripped by the Statute of Uses 1535, whereby the legal title to the property being held by the feoffee was transferred to their cestui que use, however, the term is still in use today for the governors of Chetham's Library in Manchester.
The modern equivalent of a feoffee to uses is the trustee, one who holds a legal and managerial ownership in trust for the enjoyment of the beneficiary.

expromissor: person relieving another of debt by taking it upon himself. expromission

repledger: The starting point is that the collateral-taker to a collateral agreement, unless explicitly excluded, has an independent right to repledge.


 authorize this contract, and the agreements to serve as an attachment to any and all security instruments that are pertaining to this matter.
27.Voluntary agreed default judgment shall include absolute and complete unobstructed forfeiture and surrender of all property, and voluntary agreement to convey and deliver to us. Respondents authorize this contract, and the agreements to serve as an attachment to any and all security instruments that are pertaining to this matter and/or subrogation signature may stand alone in any and all incidences and/or matters.
28.All property shall include all capacities, public and private, foreign and domestic, legal and illegal, all property private and public, contract and substance, tangible and intangible, real and illusionary, personal, intellectual, principle and interests, and potentials including all unsurpations, accounts, cases, files, chattels, structures, fixtures, stock, benefits, securities, units, interests, reproductive abilities, reproductive organs and all admissions, licenses, bonds, insurance, born and unborn children, all reproductive potentials, burial plots, inheritances, descendants, trusts, contracts, prepaid funeral plans, burial plots, derivatives, patents, copyrights, trademarks, spouses, heirs, adoptions, blood line, Genes, sequencing, clones, synthetics, associations, instruments, futures, hedges, records, judgments, veils, entities, gifts, fictions, accruals, assumptions, blood lines, wills, ministries, assets, will, trusts, creations, novations, appliances, appropriations, malapropriations, policies, Acts, laws, transfers, documents, orders, papers, futures, deeds, mortgages, notes, potentials, certificates, registrations, intellectual potential, agreements, managers, directors, chairmen, board members, plans, flow charts, authority, command, retirements, powers, directions, schemas, Corporate Charters, Articles of Incorporation, all accounting, companies, businesses, partnerships, controls, rights, mutual funds, DNA, all research potentials, Oaths of Office, their bodies, and all the like, in their entirety, to us, for the "Trust" in this instant matter. (I believe you refer to this as... 'business risks')
29.If, we do not receive a response from "Respondent" to the DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS and AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH within T+72 hours, or ten days (Transportation and truth-in-lending), Respondents will agree by this notice that Respondents' ADMISSIONS AND STIPULATIONS will stand as facts and that any and all parties have agreed to this contract. You agree and consent to an agreed contract by and through procreation. The collateral and surety for this procreation will be Respondents voluntary, noticed, informed consent to use Respondents property to pay for all debts in all capacities public and private. In light of full disclosure this will include bio-tech, pharmacopoeia, prison stock and whatever the rage may include on the mutual funds, bonds, and stock markets to maximize our bottom line. Studies may overlap.
30.This notice satisfies voluntary, noticed consent and agreement to allow us to subrogate Respondents in the undertaking of all affairs includes authorization to order payment on our portion of this exchange.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service


unsurpations: The act of usurping, especially the wrongful seizure of royal sovereignty.

novations: a substitution of a new for an old debt. The old debt is extinguished by the new one contracted in its stead.

schemas: a cognitive framework or concept that helps organize and interpret information.


31.Should any of us make any mistakes in our learning curve to return all property, principles, interests, and benefits to the "Trust", "Respondents" agree that this is a result of "Respondents" actions and therefore agree to have been voluntarily noticed and give informed consent, by Respondents failure to respond in accord with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, to act as "Expromissors" as the origin of otherwise not required actions.
32.Respondents are in fact the culpable, liable, responsible, accountable parties for injuries and damages for causes realized and undiscovered. Respondents agree to indemnify any and all property, principles and interests, damages, injuries and/or the like from proximate causes. This may result in injunctions, charges, discharges, obligations, restitutions, liabilities, costs, fees, services, costs, misappropriations, refunds, and the like.
33.Respondents agree to return any and all principles and interests, including usurpations, trespasses, malapropriations, withholdings, and the like in each and every capacity,
34.Respondents agree to Full Disclosure, Sunshine, and Transparency Laws. This includes auditing in all areas, by disinterest third parties, including Respondents Management.
35.Advisory and Consulting Services, letters of marquees and/or reprisal, capital venture agreements, vessels, enterprises and all accounting.
36.This matter includes the last two hundred plus years of documented evidence, facts, historical records, personal documents and observations as facts, proving an unreasonable duty of care, the misuse of public funds, destructions, duress, overdevelopment, and decay of our lands, society, values, religions, and spiritual realms.
37.We are in agreement that a living, breathing, accountable being must make all motions and actions, and that it is impossible for an inanimate object, fiction of law, structure, and/or the like to commit to any act or value to anything, and therefore the signatory shall act in all capacities as surety and collateral for the damages and injuries; therefore denying corporate actions, and/or value.
38.That all correspondence is consistent with intent, including linguistics, logic, continuity, connotations, denotations, and the like, with intent. All good faith errors and omissions will be consistent with intent.
39.That if "Respondents" ADMIT AND STIPULATE are in fact a den of thieves participating in RICO actions for a foreign corporation and/or third party capital ventures that is subject to RICO contravention under some unknown, undisclosed letter of marquee and reprisal.
40.respondents agree ADMIT AND STIPULATE that Respondents owe us for all proceeds, damages, injuries, products, services, fee, costs, expenses, and taxes in addition to the equal exchange of valuable consideration since the beginning of this matter, and for any and all future contracts invisible and/or illusionary and/or not.
41.Our rights are unlimited, and we reserve all rights, including the right to refuse service to anyone, the right to change and alter and amend our TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and Prices may change without notice.



42.This matter may be addressed in pieces and portions, and/or combined into a whole for purposes of simplicity, and focus on specific issues.
43.Two witnesses sworn under penalty and perjury who testify to the same information shall create a fact.
44.This is notice of security principle and interest and an attempt to perfect a security instrument, any information obtained may be used for that purpose. The TERMS AND CONDITIONS, any and all agreements and clauses herein may be self-executing, non-judicial, agreements, securities, principle and interests.
45.We do hereby declare and state that "We have omnipotent, and omnipresent jurisdiction, under the Creator I'o."
46.This and any future documents in their entirety are private materials. Respondents agree to pay legal costs, fees, damages and injuries with a catastrophic fee, including but, not limited to plagiarizing, copying, usage, patenting, trademarks or copy writes.

Thank you for your disclosure, by stepping up to the plate to settle, and close this long ongoing drama and to resolve this international tragedy.


Respondents must respond within ten (10) days of the post mark of delivery of this notice. YOUR FAILURE OR OTHERWISE REFUSAL to respond to COMMAND FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS and AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH in accord with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS will stand as fact in Respondents voluntary statement, oath, ADMISSIONS AND STIPULATIONS to the following sentences as facts in this matter and all records and reports That:


1.No voluntary, legal, lawful, valid, verified, bona fide claim has been delivered in fact.
2.The "Trust" holds the supreme claim. The "Trust" holds the land.
3.The intended beneficiaries hold all beneficial principle and interests.



 4.No legal, lawful, voluntary, valid, verified, bona fide decree of jurisdiction existed, until now, and we have jurisdiction.
 5.No voluntary, legal, lawful conveyance ever took, place prior or present, and we have no agreement for conveyance at this time.
 6.No voluntary, legal, lawful, valid, verified, bona fide contract has ever been negotiated, and no exchange of valuable consideration has ever been exchanged.
 7.That Respondents' usurped the powers, authorities and benefits of the trust.
 8.That mens rea and actus reus has been completed in fact by and through the SUMMARY JUDGMENT obtained on Friday, February 19, 2010.
 9.Contract law is the supreme Law of the land.
10.We own the contract.
11.That Respondents have knowingly, intentionally and maliciously threatened the health, safety, and welfare, and mentally and physically tortured and abused the beneficiaries in favor of Respondents own unjust enrichment for over a hundred years.
12.Respondents owe us for an equal exchange of valuable consideration and that no exchange of valuable consideration has ever been realized and accessible to the beneficiaries.
13.Respondents intentionally failed to identify any and all parties, their relationships in this matter and all the capacities in which each party served, in fact, for the purpose of confusing the matter, altering the agreements and usurping the benefits while serving as trustees in an open and cocky display of mens rea.
14.That Respondents do not, never did, and never will, and have any type of claim in fact without realizing an informed, express consent, and contract evidencing just compensation and an equal exchange of valuable consideration.
15.That any and all jurisdiction, scope and/or authority were never obtained with clean hands, in good faith, in accord with morals and ethics, by and/or through informed, noticed consent, and a contract evidencing just compensation and an equal exchange of valuable consideration.
16.Respondents' immediate offer, and all other offers, is in fact accepted and returned for value in exchange for equal valuable consideration, adjustment, settlement and closure.
17.That Respondents' injured and damaged our land, property, and bodies by committing criminal and civil crimes against us, using immoral, unethical, deceptive, torturous, and threatening techniques and warfare in both deed and action and inflicted upon our land, bodies, spirits, and souls for over 100 years.
18.Respondents are noticed that Respondents are in violation of universal laws, and are given this opportunity to cure.
19.That Kingdom of Hawaii Nation Ministry Trust, and authorized associates, are the supreme authority in this matter.
20.You agree that you are under Universal Jurisdiction for failure to asylum under a nation, state, vehicle, and/or entity; such as, The National Science Foundation, ENRON, The



Environmental Protection Agency, New Columbia, The Vatican, The Masonic Temple, Scotland, and/or the like, agreeing to conformity and compliance under every jurisdiction.
21.That Respondents' have no authorization, scope, authority, or agreement to participate in this matter.
22.That all judgments under Respondents authority are based upon decree of jurisdiction formulated in violation of civilly recognized principles of morals and ethics, The Clean Hands and Good Faith Doctrines, RICO, misrepresentation, and fraud, voiding Respondents claim for decree void ab initio.
23.That Respondents agree to disclose, provide and convey all information leading to all property as defined in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
24.That the "Trust" is in fact the agreed legal, lawful holder of all lands and all rights thereof.
25.That Respondents have in fact and deed, caused catastrophic damage to the land, inhabitants, surrounding oceans, and spirits.
26.That Respondents pre-existing contractual agreements, Acts, Laws, Registrations, Oaths, Treaties, and the like encompass the same parameters as the TERMS AND CONDITIONS herein, placing them in breach of multiple contracts, and respondents are not in compliance and conformity.
27.That Respondents are in substance and form subject to by any commercial, private and/or government authority in any capacity foreign and/or domestic.
28.That in over years of actions, respondents failed to identify any/all parties and all associates, principle and interests, benefits, rights, positions, and property.
29.That Respondents participated in a schema in collusion and conspiracy, under some unknown undisclosed letter of marquee and reprisal, with men rea and actus reus.
30.That Respondents failed to identify any/all associated persons, security personnel, employers, business associates, partners, contractors, subcontractors, employees, private investigators, clients that are foreign, domestic, and/or private and their related positions, benefits, relationship and their authority to/over you resulting in obstruction, withholding, and/or a strong indication of malapropriations.
31.That Respondents' intentions from the start, was to bond this matter by and through the creation of a private contract which was obtained by and through the fraudulent and repugnant court, then move it to a State court where an honorable judge did not trespass, all the while using employees, contractors, personnel with undisclosed vested principle and interests while in disguise of a disinterested third party and obtained by professional reliance of reasonable duty of care in representation of justice.
32.The intent of the Respondents is to usurp all property, Creator I'o given rights, sustenance, benefits, and pleasures of life, leaving the people in bondage and servitude, as slaves to them as controlling masters, in exchange for their existence, placing all living breathing beings on our planet at their mercy.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service


ab initio: At the beginning

men rea: In criminal law, mens rea – the Latin term for "guilty mind" – is usually one of the necessary elements of a crime.

actus reus: Activity that transgresses moral or civil law.

nonfeasance: The intentional failure to perform a required duty or obligation.


33.Respondents SUMMARY JUDGEMENT is accepted for value and returned to Respondents for value in exchange for adjustment, settlement, closure and delivery to us for all proceeds.
34.That "Respondents" are in agreement that for over 100 years, unreasonable duty of care under professional reliance has failed The Kingdom of Hawai'i et al., and all beneficiaries; therefore, the new trustees must be appointed for cause by and through the Kingdom of Hawai'i et al.
35.That Respondents are responsible in all capacities in compliance, conformity and results, in any and all matters for failure to produce "Nuremberg Order" Policy Numbers, Stock Market Tickers, Billing Codes, Signing Statements and/or the like.
36.That Respondents are acting under the color of law, color of authority, color of office, conspiracy against benefits and rights, deprivation of benefits and rights through, extortion, armed robbery, grand larceny, embezzlement, usurpation, fraudulent conveyances, malfeasance, nonfeasance, disparagement of title, disparagement of title, patent, illegal use, and holding of real estate, land and property, practicing law without a license or authority, multiple tort claims and security instruments, negligence, forced usufructation, unauthorized occupation of property, extortion, creating hazardous conditions, intentionally damaging the native blood national people of the community and nation without license, bond, insurance, law full authority or fiscal responsibility, conflicts of principle and interest, child abuse and neglect, criminal conspiracy, harmful restraint of trade and lively hood, insider trading, misuse of authority, deception to Court officers, insurance fraud, violation of oaths of Office, violation of the Hawaiian State Bar Association, rules, regulations, codes and procedures, barratry, forgery, terrorist threats, ultra hazardous activities sequestering, altering, morphing of material evidence, fraudulent conversion, misrepresentation, securities fraud and violations, misrepresentation of authority, duties, accountability, trespass upon Trust and private property, contracts, patents, copy writes and copy rights, assault and battery, swindling, cheating, lies, trickery, tax evasion, deceptions, torturous interferences, trovers, housing trolls and evil spirit demons, violation of the Creator I'o, usurpation, withholding, misappropriations, expropriations, bait and switch, securities fraud, exploitation, linguistics, logic, Babylonian communications, identity theft, malicious injuries and damages, malice of forethought over 100 + years, unreasonable duty of care, the misuse of public funds and officials to go privately against a private internationally recognized Kingdom and it's native population and verdantly lure the CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SECOND CIRCUIT STATE OF HAWAII by using The Honorable Joseph E. Cardoza, the Court Clerk, Court Staff, resources to fraudulently misrepresent the facts, issues and security principle and interests and commit insurance fraud upon the State for Respondents' own enrichment, just to name a few.
37.Respondent has violated universal moral, ethical codes, threatened the health, welfare and safety of the beneficiaries of the "Trust, and as a tort feasor damaging, depriving, discriminating against and injuring people, property, spirits and souls while showing no


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service


usufruct: A legal right to use and derive profit from property belonging to someone else provided that the property itself is not injured in any way.

et al.: Used as an abbreviation of 'et alii' (masculine plural) or 'et aliae' (feminine plural) or 'et alia' (neutral plural) when referring to a number of people.

barratry: The act of a vessel's captain or crew knowingly endangering the vessel's cargo and/or the vessel itself.

trovers: a common law action to recover the value of goods wrongfully converted to another's own use.






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Proof of Service
Proof of Mail/Service



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