Kingdom of Hawaii King's Crest KOH
His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui
Sovereign Heir of The Kingdom of Hawai'i
Her Royal Highness Akahi Wahine
Minister of Interior to the King
Kingdom of Hawaii Flag
Sovereign Nation of Akua



THIS IS TO INFORM YOU: His Royal Majesty King Akahi Nui, Sovereign Heir, King of the Hawaiian Islands, The Kingdom Of Hawai'i Nation:


U.S. federal Patrolman Donald Alfred: Love - Boltz, SFCUD Ary (ret) MPC 771.7L4H, OSC 2-66.23 Patrolman US Government, fin 19487990. "a federal Marshal," to be "The Kingdom Marshal of The Provost", and as such will be dutiful bound by oath of office to ensure the security of both the interests of the U.S. and also The Kingdoms interests as outlined in Treatise entered into by both nations.


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