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Flags of the Nations that signed Treaties with the Nation - Kingdom of Hawaii

24 star flag - (1822-1836) Treaty with the United State of America - December 23, 1826
Hawaiian Islands Commerce
Articles of arrangement signed at Honolulu, December 23, 1826, Entered into force.
Articles of arrangement made and concluded at Oahu between Thomas ap Catesby Jones appointed by the United States, of one part, and Kauikeouli, King of the Sandwich Islands, and his Guardians, on the other part.
English Treaty - November 16, 1836
(Lord E. Russell's Treaty)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Kingdom of Hawai'i October 8, 1846 and the General Convention between Great Britian and the Kingdom of Hawai'i concluded on March 26, 1846.
France Flag Ratification signed by Napolean III, Emperor of the French, on March 20, 1858, of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation between the French Empire and the Kingdom of Hawaii, concluded on October 29, 1857.


Postal Convention between the French Protectorate Government of Tahiti and Hawaiian Kingdom, concluded on 11 24, 1853.
Denmark Flag Treaty with Denmark - October 19, 1846 Agreement - January 25, 1848
Hamburg Flag Treaty with Hamburg - January 8, 1848
Agreement between Hamburg and the Hawaiian Islands, signed by R. C. Wyllie, Minister of Foreign Relations and E.A. Luwerkrop, Consul and Plenipotentiary for the Republic and free Hanseatic City of Hamburg on January 8, 1848.
USA Flag 1849 Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation with the United State of America - Concluded on December 20, 1849, with Ratification signed for the King and Premier by R. C. Wyllie, Minister of Foreign Affairs on August 19, 1850.
Norge Unions flag - 1844 Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway and the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, concluded on July 1, 1852, with Ratification signed by Oscar, King of Sweden and Norway and the Goths and Vandals.
Bremen Flag Treaty with Bremen - August 7, 1851
Convention and instrument of mutual agreement between the Hawiian Kingdom and the Hanseatic City of Bremen, signed by R. C. Wyllie, Minister of Foreign Relations and Stephen Reynolds, under special Authority from the Senate of Bremen on August 7, 1851.
Treaty with Belgium - October 4, 1862
Treaty with the Netherlands - October 16, 1862
Treaty of Friendship between the Swiss Confederation and the King of the Hawaiian Islands, concluded on July 20, 1864, with Ratification signed by the President of the Swiss confederation on October 10, 1864, and Proces-Verbal, acknowledging receipt of the Hawaiian Kingdom's Ratification, signed the respective plenipotentiaries on November 18, 1868.
Treaty with Italy - July 22, 1863
Spain_1785-1873_and_1875-1931 Convention of Amity, Commerce and Navigation between Spain and the Hawaiian Islands, concluded on October 9, 1863, with Ratification signed by Dona Isabela II, Queen of Span, on July 27, 1865, and Certificate of Exchange of Ratifications, signed on May 11, 1870.
Treaty with Russia - June 19, 1869
Convention of Commerce and Navigation between Russia and the Kingdom of Hawaii, concluded on June 19, 1869, with Ratification signed by Alezander II, Emperor of all the Russias, on December 1, 1869.
Treaty with Japan - August 19, 1871
Postal Convention - New South Wales - (Australia) Signed at Honolulu, March, 10th 1874. Signed at Sydney, April, 13th 1874.
Respecting commercial reciprocity between the United State of America - January 30, 1875 - concluded on December 6, 1884
Treaty with the German Empire - concluded on March 25, 1879,
with a Declaration of Explanatory Notes signed on February 10, 1880, ratified and signed by Wilhelm, Emperor of Germany, on April 25, 1880, and with Protocol of Exchange of Ratification signed on April 26, 1880, from the records of the Foreign Office and Executive.
Portugal_1830 Provisional Convention, Portugal - May 5, 1882
Treaty of Reciprocity between the United States - December 6, 1884
Hong Kong - December 18, 1884
Rules for the regulation of a Money Order System between Hawaii and Hong Kong, signed by Charles T. Gulick, Minister of the Interior.
Treaty with Samoa - March 21, 1887
Treaty with Republic of Maluku - ? ,
Foreign Affairs: Mrs. C. Bernard
His Royal Majesty, Akahi Nui signs treaty with President Madame C. Bernard Tamaela, the Republic of Maluku
His Royal Majesty, Akahi Nui signs treaty with President Madame C. Bernard Tamaela, the Republic of Maluku (a Nation near E. Timor, currently dominated by Indonesia and like Hawai'i, striving for it's freedom).


Majesty Akahi Nui, President Tamaela, Mulku

Their Majesties, HRM Akahi Nui and HRM Akahi Wahine along with President Madame C. Bernard Tamaela, and Dr. hc Randolph Delano Muller, Special Ambassador to the United Nations.


View orginal hand writen treaties

The flag of broken treaties 1897
(President McKinley) Treaties with Hawai'i
Treaties of the government of the Hawaiian Islands with other Nations of the World Beginning with the Hawaiian Islands December 23, 1826


Listed in Order of Date
1st United States of America, December 23rd, 1826 (Treaty)
1st Great Britain, November 13th, 1836 (Lord E. Russell's Treaty)
1st France, July 17th, 1839 (Captain LaPlace's Convention)
2nd France, March 26th, 1846 (Treaty)
2nd Great Britain, March 26th, 1846 (Treaty)
1st Denmark, October 19th, 1846 (Treaty)
1st Hamburg, January 8th, 1848 (Treaty)
2nd Agreement Touching Consular Notices (Danish and Hamburg Treaties), January 25th, 1848
2nd United States of America, December 20th, 1849 (Treaty)
1st Sweden and Norway, July 1, 1852 (Treaty)
1st Tahiti, November 24th, 1853
1st Bremen, March 27th, 1854 (Treaty)
3rd France, September 8th, 1858 (Treaty)
1st Belgium, October 4th, 1862 (Treaty)
1st Netherlands, October 16th, 1862 (Treaty)
1st Italy, July 22nd, 1863 (Treaty)
1st Spain, October 9th, 1863 (Treaty)
1st Swiss Confederation, July 20th, 1864 (Treaty)
1st Russia, June 19th, 1869 (Treaty)
1st Japan, August 17th, 1871 (Treaty)
New South Wales, March 10th, 1874 (Postal Convention)
3rd United States of America, January 30th, 1875 (Reciprocity Treaty)
1st German Empire, 1879-80 (Treaty)
1st Portugal, May 5, 1882 (Provisional Convention)
4th United States of America, December 6, 1884 (Supplementary Convention)
1st Hong Kong, December 13th, 1884 (Money Order Regulations)
Universal Postal Union, March 21st, 1885 (Additional Act of Lisbon)
2nd Japan, January 28th, 1886 (Convention)
Universal Postal Union, November 9th, 1886 (Ratification)
1st Samoa, March 20th, 1887 (Treaty)


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