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Kingdom Of Hawai'i

By Vanessa Fimbres
Attorney General

"Truth is Stranger than fiction" Mark Twain once equipped, "Because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities... truth isn't." As was often the case with Mark Twain, this smart-alec remark was the camouflage that concealed a provocative insight, many times in history the truth has turned out to be a radical departure from what everyone "knew" to be true.

Perhaps that is why important new truths are so often uncovered by fringe figures and outsiders. The location of the city of Troy, long considered by scholars with smug certainty to the realm of myth, was identified by Heinrich Schliemann, a banker for whom archeology was a hobby, in the 1870's. The theory of Continental drift and plate tectonics, a foundation of our understanding of the planet we live on, was devised by Alfred Wegener, a weatherman whose work was ridiculed for decades by serious geologists. The search for truth demands rational guidelines. "Profress occurs only after new empirical evidence becomes so overwhelming that the established orthodoxy just collapses under its weight," said by Princeton Professor Robert Jahn. For two decades Jahn has headed up the Princeton Engendering Anomalies Research Laboratory, whose goal is to bring scientific measurement and analysis to reports of paranormal phenomena such as extrasensory perception (ESP), Psycho-kinesis and remote viewing. "I believe that we're at a similar threshold at this moment".

But until you reach that point, the old order hangs on and defends itself and fights with every tool at its disposal. For years we've been finding data that conventional science is not equipped to deal with. So the response from the mainstream scientific community has been to ignore the information whenever possible and attack it when not possible to ignore it. And although this topic has nothing to do with science it does have to do with History, past, present and future.

Understanding that which is hard to comprehend, believing in the betterment of mankind and having faith that great things still happen. Miracles are in the making and we are right now on the threshold of writing history.

The Kingdom of Hawaii does have to do with the evolution of the planet, the evolution of mankind and it is like a dam breaking and the threshold we stand in front of, at this point in time, is most epic. Understanding that our governments and political leaders have all deceived us for their own personal gain through abuse of powers that we the people have granted to them. The time is now to wake up and look around.

In September 2008 The American Bulletin ran an exclusive article stating "Honolulu, Hawai'i - August 15, 2008 - World Wide history was in the making in a plan to re-enact the "powers of state" at the site of the Iolani Palace', in Honolulu, Hawai'i by the 'Kingdom of Hawai'i. History was made by and through Majesty Akahi Nui, who is a direct descendant of Liloa, and of 100% Royal lineage on both sides of his family, has the Iolani Palace on his personal family's land, included in the Akahi Family Royal Patent Deed, Granted by Kamehameha to Akahi during the King's Mahele in 1848. His Majesty King Akahi not only holds a lien on the Palace and grounds, but all of Hawai'i.

On August 15, 2008 His and her Royal Majesties along with their cabinet members, nobles, Royal guards and a provost Marshal was arrested and removed by force from the Iolani palace. The Royal family, nobles and subjects were later charged by the STATE OF HAWAII. The governor of 'State of Hawaii', Linda Lingle stated on August 17, 2008; "People in this case have to be shown it is not going to be acceptable".

Ultimately 15 people were charged with trespassing which never made it to the inside of a court room. The STATE decided to take a "NO ACTION" position. Therefore there is no paperwork, there is dismissal or discharge because there was no action ever taken. As for the initial 6 which were charged with Felony Burglary in the 2nd degree, after 10 months of being shuffled around and still not starting trial (violation of the speedy rule doctrine), the case was inevitably dismissed for insufficient evidence and the following is an excerpt out of the Judges final ruling on the case; "The court grants the Motion to Dismiss felony Information Based on Insufficient Evidence to Find probable cause and in accordance therewith, hereby orders the dismissal of the information and Declaration of Special Agent Henry Nobriga dated September 18, 2008."

The facts remain:
  • Majesty Akahi Nui holds the only clear and lawful Title and Deed to the Iolani Palace which was recorded out of necessity at the STATE OF HAWAII BUREAU OF CONVEYANCES on December 14, 2000 at 10:00AM and reference therein to Document No.: of 2000-176035 TAX KEY MAP No.: 2-1-25-2.
  • The Palace of the Royal Family is located on the Island of Oahu, in which Majesty Akahi Nui holds the only true and clear Title and Deed not only to the Island of Oahu, but of all the Islands of Hawai'i.
  • The Oahu Deed was recorded out of necessity at the STATE OF HAWAII BUREAU OF CONVEYANCES January 11, 2002 and holds the Document No.: of R2002005573/R2002005574.
  • The Palace is rightfully the property of the 'Kingdom of Hawai'i' and is owned by and lawfully belongs to Majesty Akahi Nui and Akahi Wahine, Queen and of our Kingdom.

The truth is the STATE OF HAWAII DE FACTO STATE COURTS are all courts of incompetent jurisdiction which continue to function under color of law from United states Law.

We have had courts of incompetent jurisdiction on Hawaiian Kingdom soil for over one hundred years. This truth alone renders ALL court cases past, present and future which are forced to be heard and adjudicated in the U.S. District Courts/STATE OF HAWAII COURTS defective and void since these courts continue to operate and function outside of law and outside of their jurisdiction.

These false courts and the STATE OF HAWAII JUDICIARY are made up of US federal citizens from within the de facto state, the courts sustain on Kingdom of Hawaii national Soil only by fraud, deception, abuse of police power and it does so without the consent or approval of the sovereign authority. These courts have no lawful rights over Kanaka Maoli's, Hawaiian Nationals or Hawaiian National issues which includes Hawaiian Land issues. And yet the people continue to volunteer and acknowledge the de facto courts which continue to assert de-facto and unlawful jurisdiction without lawful right.

As I've said before, Our world, our people and the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation have been subjected to involuntary servitude and a regime that is only concerned in keeping the people subjugated to policies, laws and codes to extract revenue and leaving the people as mere subjects without rights and being forced under pains and penalities to recognize and 'submit' to the STATE OF HAWAII, INC., a mere de-facto Corporation as having omnipotent power and autority over the rights and lives of the people.

And during and throughout all this court room drama the 'Kingdom of Hawai'i' through its heirs; His Majesty Akahi Nui and Her Highness Akahi Wahine, the Kingdom of Hawaii has formed a foundation named: The ROYAL ORDER OF AKAHI NUI FOUNDATION, INC.

This endeavor has required a tremendous commitment from His and Her Majesties, they have not only prepared for months to complete this task but for years in order to meet the needs of Hawaii, its people, the people of the world and they now are on the verge of fulfulling the final step and phase in order for us to break open the door to financial freedom for the Kingdom and all they wish to create.

Phillippines, in Manila is left to right; Vanessa Fimbres, Her Highness Akahi Wahine, Pastor Lawma, Trusted Companion Dam, and Mrs. Lawma, of the TENT OF PRAISE MINISTRIES
Here in the Phillippines, in Manila is left to right; Vanessa Fimbres, Her Highness Akahi Wahine, Pastor Lawma, Trusted Companion Dam, and Mrs. Lawma, of the TENT OF PRAISE MINISTRIES.

This foundational corporation is based in Manila, Philippines, the reason for such extreme measures is to insure a solid base and future financial foundation and structure for the Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation and all its inhabitants and at the same time we will be giving back to people in need, young and old, with scholarships and aid for schooling and education. Rarely do we have the chance to make such a dramatic difference in someone's life let alone the world. Through this foundation the Kingdom of Hawai'i will identify a new source of support in order to offer and maintain a high-quality international education exchange, a program which will dramatically affect lives and dynamically effect change for not only the people of the Hawaiian Islands, United States citizens, but again, the people of the world.

Here TENT OF PRAISE MINISTRIES prepares to offer dental exam and treatment and other medical services in Manila, Phillippines.

In April 2009 Her Royal Highness Akahi Wahine, accompanied by the Vanessa Fimbres, acting Attorney General for the Kingdom of Hawai'i and a very trusted associate, traveled to Tokyo, Hong Kong and then to Manila in the Phillippines. All because the Royal Majesties of the Kingdom of Hawaii Nation want to reach out with help and aid to not only the people of the Hawaiian Islands but to the people of other countries. The Royal Highness, while in Manila met with Pastor Lawma with TENT OF PRAISE MINISTRIES who humbly gives free medical and dental services as often as they possibly can. We were lucky enough and blessed to be present during one of these mission type events and were truly touched and honestly moved by their work and help. The Church was able to provide 250 circumcisions and over 100 dental procedures. The Kingdom of Hawai'i through the ROYAL ORDER OF AKAHI NUI has intentions and plans to aid and support in this church's endeavors which is to give hope and care to people of less fortunate and in need.

For furter information on the Kingdom of Hawai'i Nation, the Royal Majesties, Kingdom International Current Events, to view the Royal Land Patent Deeds and the infamous Financing statements establishing the superior security interest in all four of the Hawaiian Islands and/or the Court case surrounding the 'Iolani Palace'... and more.. please visit: HRMAKAHINUI.COM

Truth is Stranger than fiction and still today, miracles happen. Your prayers are appreciated and needed as we continue forward on behalf of the Hawai'i people, the Kingdom of Hawai'i and the world.


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July 31th 2009

July 30th 2009


Dismiss Felony Information Based on Insufficient Evidence to Find Probable Cause, filed by Akahi Nui on March 3, 2009.  Read More


Majesty Akahi Nui has reclaim all 4 Islands.
All Patent Deeds


Kauai includes Niihau
Maui includes Molokai, Lanai & Kahoolawe
Oahu includes Palmyra Island


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