His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui, Poste Box 2845 - Wailuku, Hawai’i
Sovereign Nation of God

Office of the President
President Barak Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington D.C. 20500


Dear Mr. President;

As the Sovereign Authority of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government and Sovereign Hawaiian Nation, a Government and Nation completely foreign to your own, I now address you from and upon my own soil; It is my solemn duty to notify a fellow world leader of important matters of state which directly affect them or their nation, without the encumbrance of appeasement, when active treaty between our states is in force, but also having been breeched.

Although there are numerous important issues to discuss regarding the fate of our two nations, this letter remains focused towards that most pressing subject matter now before your administration for consideration; The Akaka Bill.

Know that my patience has run its course regarding this Lazarus-styled legislation, which continues to be a mockery and endangerment to the welfare and national security of my people, my Kingdom and those that live thereon and therein.

We first laid this business to rest when convincing [U.S.] Congress of its non-applicability for Hawaii in 1998. So why does it continually rise from the grave? Because it is the de-facto State of Hawaii's attempt to mitigate their criminal liability against me and my people, as I now summon them into the hallowed world courts of criminal justice. If anyone (including you and your administration) should collude in supporting the alleviation of their crimes, I shall most eagerly take them right into the world courts along with these [State of Hawaii] agents and "officers".

Therefore it is very important to thoroughly investigate all economic and lawful implications surrounding this legislation before taking any action. A very long, hard look at all ramifications any and all actions your Office (and Congress) may pursue will reveal an unrecoverable economic and lawful position, should you proceed with its signing into law. To go only by the sorely misinformed fore-gone conclusion that Hawaii is part and parcel of the continental de-facto United States Corporation without closer scrutiny, and then acting as such no other [international] conditions of state exist, would be imprudent.

For simplification and clarity of these issues [which I strongly recommend and require you to further investigate and make inquiry before proceeding with anything that involves the welfare of the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii], I have outlined them here;

HK Letter to President Obama Regarding Akaka Bill legislation 8-16-091 of 3


1) Majesty Akahi Nui: Genealogy and standing as King of Hawaii (See Exhibit A: BOC Document No. 2002-005579 thru 2002-005580 on http://hrmAkahiNui/Maui_Deed-part-1.php#pg5

2) Majesty Akahi Nui: Secured Capacity as Private Individual (See Exhibit B: BOC Document No. 2008-035832 on http://hrmakahinui.com/docs/Amendment-file_2007-290-3703-9.jpg

3) Majesty Akahi Nui: Secured Capacity as King and Trustee of The Kingdom of Hawaii (See Exhibit C: BOC Document No. 2008-035832 on http://hrmakahinui.com/docs/Amendment-file_2007-290-3703-9.jpg

4) My undisputed allodial and primordial land titles, of all Hawaii, with Superior Security Interest, anchored in the four planks of proper title; Time, Use, Interest and Possession. (See Exhibit D: BOC Documents No [ Royal Patent Deeds] 2002-005573, 2002-005574, 2002-005575, 2002-005576, 2002-005577, 2002-005578, 2002-005578, 2002-005579, 2002-005579 on http://hrmakahinui.com/Deeds_to_All_Hawaiian_Land.php


5) As the Sovereign Authority and through the Kingdom of Hawaii I have established a superior security interest in my lands and the islands of my ancestors. The Kingdom of Hawaii holds various liens, (rooted in Hawaii Kingdom and other international laws, in commercial and private capacities) the most significant totaling $100 Trillion, upon My Kingdom, all assets and possession in and of Hawaii. (See Exhibit E: BOC Document number 2007-192182 on http://hrmakahinui.com/Notice_of_Tort_Claim-index.php)

6) The Akaka Bill in no way reflects any liability, authority, authorization, jurisdiction, possession or control upon me and my people, the Kanaka Maoli, the beneficiaries of Hawaii Nei. This clarification of title and name, applicable in this instance for mandatory cause, is the distinction which designates different classifications of (persons), both actual and fictional, including distinction of states separate and foreign to one another, in regards to endangering the welfare of a state both foreign and sovereign from your own (See Exhibit F:

7) My DECLARATION OF FINDINGS OF FACT/WRIT OF PROHIBITION, signed and dated on the 7th of January 2002 - having been sent out to every federal office including yours, state offices and international and having never been rebutted by any agent or otherwise, those facts stand in the record as true. There exists no lawful authority or jurisdiction of federal [U.S.] state county government within the Hawaiian islands or my Kingdom Declaration- (See Exhibit G:

8) As the Sovereign Authority and the King of Hawaii, my duty to protect my people and their welfare, and the welfare of my Kingdom and country, against any and all threats, both foreign and domestic, which supersedes any intent by [your] foreign commercial interests to generally nullify or stultify international liability. I shall not hesitate to bring anyone responsible for the compromise and/or the continued injury to my Kingdom's national security, or threat to its welfare or any other interest(s) by any agent(s) or officer(s) of the same, US Government et al., before the eyes of the world and America, if you or your administration continues its previous course of action and policy in this matter.

9) The Fact that I, Akahi Nui, as King and Trustee/holder of Superior Security Interest consider the de-facto STATE OF HAWAII as trespassers upon my soil, done so by force of coercion and violence through military presence and might, as historical records show, with no proper and lawful foundations to exist upon and within Sovereign Kingdom of Hawai'i. It's long term application and intent to genocide my lands and people,

HK Letter to President Obama Regarding Akaka Bill legislation 8-16-092 of 3

into a gentrified form of corporate property, as cultural and political wards of state for your United States Federal Corporation, and as such, these actions threaten my national security, our peace and safety with continuing practices of long-standing Acts of Terrorism against me, my people and my Kingdom.

Know Mr. President, I am now moving towards an appropriate remedy. I consider you, as CEO of the United States Corporation, that parent corporation to the STATE OF HAWAII, Inc, and the United States Corporation, responsible for both the actions of STATE OF HAWAII, and its long-standing unlawful commercial coup d'état, against my Kingdom and its people. The STATE OF HAWAII as well as any county or federal authority is foreign to my soil.

Failure to comply with the obligations of state stipulated in the 5 treaties between us ( See Exhibit H: http://hrmakahinui.com/treaties-between-the-Hawaii-Kingdom-and-United-States.php), which although clearly breeched by your country and its various involved individuals, still remain in force and effect (See Exhibit K: http://hrmakahinui.com/Nation_Flags_Treaties_Hawaii.php)

Mr. President, please respond to my letter within 20 days, or I shall publish it for public view on my website and other portals and news wires of [international] public interest. If I do not hear from you in that time, I will give notice of your fault; your tacit standing forevermore representing agreement with our claims, position, rights, titles and interest as correct and perfected. Whereupon I shall proceed this issue into international courts and tribunals of applicable jurisdiction, including attachment of domestic foreign assets for settlement of debt.

If you would like a private audience with me to discuss these issues, then do not hesitate to contact me on my personal lines at; 808-000-0000, hrm@hrmakahinui.com.

Thank you for taking time to consider this most important issue.

I Remain;


HRM Akahi Nui
King of Hawaii


HK Letter to President Obama Regarding Akaka Bill legislation 8-16-093 of 3
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