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Poste Box 2845 - Moku'aina O Wailuku, Mokupuni O Maui, Ke Aupuni O Hawai'i
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Sovereign Nation of Akua
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The Kingdom of Hawai´i, Sovereign nation of God (Hawaiian word) is a recognized ecclesiastical and constitutional sovereignty. As a rapidly expanding, post-modern state, the Kingdom's activities are governmental, spiritual, political, educational and humanitarian. References are made to Kingdoms eternal sovereignty throughout --- Holy Writ. All monotheistic religions spring from the blessing---, the .


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Kingdom of Hawai´i Sovereign Nation of God

The Kingdom of Hawai´i is a Sovereign Nation, which lays claim to an ancient tradition dating back to----.

The people of the Hawaiian Isands desired independence----.

On FEBRRUARY 22, 1998 the Kingdom of Hawai´i Coronated their King, 100% Blue Blood Lineal heir His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui to the thrown and regained and acquired full ownership and sovereign authority over the hawaiian Islands in the ---Pacific and on the ---

Over throw- defacto state- grover cleavland- Clinton- non response to declaration etc.,

DeJure Recognitio

List UN recognition and date

On _________extended official recognition to His Royal majesty Akahi Nui and the Kingdom of Hawai´i nation.

* other letters maybe from the mollucans or something

On June ____, The Central African Republic extended dejure and official recognition to the Kingdom of hawai´i.

* maybe when that country faxed out a request for other heads of state to help their country

On _____, the Nigerian Government extended dejure and official recognition to the Kingdom of Hawai´i.



Treaty with the Hawaiian Islands - December 23, 1826
English Treaty - November 16, 1836 | British Treaty - March 26, 1846
French Convention - July 17, 1839 | Postal Convention, Tahiti - November 24, 1853
Denmark - October 19, 1846 Agreement - January 25, 1848
Hamburg - January 8, 1848 Agreement - Jan 25, 1848
Hawaiian Islands - December 20, 1849
Sweden and Norway - April 5, 1852
Sweden and Norway - April 5, 1852
Bremen - March 27, 1854
Belgium - October 4, 1862
Netherlands - October 16, 1862
Switzerland - October 16, 1862
Italy - July 22, 1863
Spain - October 9, 1863
Russia - June 19, 1869
Japan - August 19, 1871
Postal Convention - New South Wales - July 1, 1874 (Australia)
Hawaiian Islands - January 13, 1875
German Empire - March 25, 1879
Provisional Convention, Portugal - May 5, 1882
Hawaiian Islands - December 6, 1884
Rules - Hong-Kong - December 13, 1884
Samoa - March 21, 1887
Republic of Maluku - ?


Frequently Asked Questions about Passport Photos

Recognition of Passports

The following countries in the past have acknowledged and accepted Diplomats from the Kingdom of Hawai´i to enter and gave a diplomatic visas:

List countries, show visa.

With a diplomatic visa:


Kingdom of Hawaii ruleLine





The Honorable Jonah Keahi

The Honorable Benjamin Kamaka Puou

The Honorable Eunis Puou

The Honorable Norman Behi

The Honorable ______



The Honorable Paul Kamanu

The Honorable Ruth Keahi

The Honorable Papa Tanaka

The Honorable Ethel Abreu


Kingdom of Hawaii ruleLine





His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui


Her Royal Highness Akahi Wahine


Her Royal Highness Akahi Wahine


Kamalani Kahanui


Eunice Puou


Holly Y. Akahi


Vanessa Fimbres


Kingdom of Hawaii ruleLine




Welcome to the Kingdom of Hawai´i Judicial Branch of the Monarchy

The Kingdom of Hawai´i System consists of two separate divisions. The Judicial power of the Kingdom is vested in the King. Each Island will have its own governor. The Kingdom of Hawai´i and the Monarchy Court is under the administration of its Chief Justice, who is Constitutionally responsible for all cases, in law and equity, arising under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawai´i , the laws of the Kingdom of Hawai´i, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority; to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; to all cases of foreign jurisdictions; to controversies to which the Kingdom of Hawai´i shall be a party.


Kingdom of Hawai´i Supreme Court

The Permanent Court of Adjudication and negotiations is an administrative function of the Kingdom of Hawai´i Judiciary. The Supreme Court of the Monarchy offers arbitration and mediation services for the resolution of all forms of disputes between private parties, communities, organizations and nations.






Executive Branch Departments

Subjects and Foreigners Services

The Bureau of naturalization shall be presided over, superintended and managed by the Minister of the Interior, who may assign its immediate duties to a Clerk, who shall open and keep a journal of all the matters detailed in the following articles of this CHAPTER V Of Subject and Foreigners SECTIONS I - XIV


Department of Development

The Islands of Hawai´i are undergoing an aggressive development plan that will yield an advanced infrastructure, all based on environmentally friendly methods, such as solar power and water desalinization plants. The Kingdom has plans for a Road Project for Kahikinui so land owners may easily access their parcels to build and will also re-establish the natural water ways of the Islands insuring canawai.


Auto Liability Bond

Kingdom of Hawai´i Nation Automobile Financial Security Bond

The Kingdom of Hawai´i and the Islands of Hawai´i have developed guidelines to guarantee acceptable rules and procedures, thereby providing maximum protection for its people.


I, Majesty Akahi Nui, King of the Hawaiian Islands, in public/trust capacity under necessity, being the Secured Party/Creditor, and the Principal/Trustee within the KINGDOM OF HAWAI´I NATION and by my Royal Prerogative, having sufficient credit via the exemption of said King herein or by and through the accounts of said Kingdom as existing and established, hereby gives notice to One and All THAT THIS BOND exhibits financial responsibility to cover and satisfies the KINGDOM OF HAWAI´I NATION requirements for Automobile Insurance on behalf of ˇK


Marshalls Department

The Kingdom of Hawai´i Marshall Department has jurisdiction over all crimes and investigating potential crimes that occur on sovereign territory on any of the Islands of Hawai´i.



In Accord with Royal Prerogative - UCC-1 Financing Statement No.__________________________, and by the

Royal Prerogative this Marshals Bond is a Registered Security and is Public and Private Notice as a matter of Right


Department of Health

The health of the people of the Islands of Hawaii is of paramount concern to His and Her Majesties Akahi Nui. The Kingdom of Hawaii plans free health care for its people and will return The Queen Emma Hospital to its original intentions being for the people of the Hawaiian Islands.


Department of Justice

While the Kingdom of Hawai´i has a Department of Justice, headed by our Attorney General, the Department of Justice represents the MonarchyˇK. before the Kingdom of Hawaii Supreme Court and all inferior courts. Visit us online to learn more about your Department of Justice.


Department of the Interior

In this day and age, too many nations take the environment for granted. The Kingdom of Hawaii through its King and Queen have pledged to take maximum advantage of technology to make our islands green and to help our environment and wildlife prosper. To restore, conserve and preserve the islands ˇK. The Department of the Interior is dedicated to just that mission. Join us online to learn more.


Department of Motor Vehicles

The Kingdom of Hawai´i discourages air and water pollution and widespread use of motor vehicles, but realizes that personal transportation is often essential in the twenty-first century. A driver's has a right to travel amongst the islands. All citizens of age are entitled to apply for a driver's ----, which in most cases will be issued upon demonstrating competency as a safe driver.


Department of Banking, Trust and Treasury

The Department of Banking, Trust and Treasury is a regulatory agency that ensures that all monetary related organizations follow all laws and regulations of both the Kingdom of Hawaii as well as those of the international banking community. Strict compliance is mandated through diligent oversight. To learn more about the Department of Banking, Trust and Treasury, join us online.


Department of Housing

The Kingdom of Hawai´i is embarking on their first planned housing development program designed to encourage and helping to maintain homes and property for the less fortunate and those in need. The people of the islands come first before the corporations. Being an ecclesiastical sovereign nation, the islands are perfectly suited to host religious retreats or provide visitors with the beauty and relaxation that accompanies our land of tranquility, health and beauty ˇK.


Department of Energy

Given the location of the Hawaiian Islands, energy demands will be easily met. Our Department of Energy will develop more and improved methods of converting natures provisions into functional energy. An aggressive solar power enlargement program will be implemented along with use of wind and water energy. To learn more about your Department of Energy, visit us online.


Department of Humanitarian Affairs

The Kingdom of Hawai´i is prepared to provide financial support to the many countries that have legitimate needs, and will provide diplomatic missions to many countries faced with monumental challenges. The Minister of Interior from the Kingdom of Hawaii has coordinated and started an Educational Foundation by the name of: THE ROYAL ORDER OF AKAHI NUI INC based in Manila Philippines for scholarships for people young and old to get the education they desire. In some cases the Kingdom of Hawaii will offer financial help and programs to provide food, clothing, blankets, medical, dental and medicine throughout the world.


Department of Education

The Kingdom of Hawai´i plans to offer and give its public the best opportunities-----


Office of Press and Public Relations

The Kingdom of Hawai´i has experienced its share of bad press throughout its history. The voice of a nation is as important as its leaders. The Office of Press and Public Relations was created to help bring positive recognition throughout the international community. All press releases and official announcements from the government are issued by the Office of Press and Public Relations.


the Kingdom of Hawai´i Post Office

Department of Maritime Services

The Kingdom of Hawaii asserts territorial waters consistent with International Maritime Law. Ships registered through the Hawaiian Islands or sailing without our territorial waters are regulated by the Department of Maritime ServicesˇK..

Legislative Branch Departments


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