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And Failure to Contest Acceptance and Agreement

Re; Non-Response to Private Tort Claim in the Nature of Exhaustion of Exclusive Remedy

) Scilicet
County of Oahu/Honolulu )


"Indeed, no more than (affidavits) is necessary to make the prima facie case." United States v. Kis, 658 F.2nd, 526, 536 (7th Cir. 1981); Cert Denied, 50 U.S. L.W. 2169; S. Ct. March 22, 1982

That I, Patrick McCormick, a living breathing man, being first duly sworn, dopose and say and declares by my signature that the following facts are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

That I, Patrick McCormick, a Third Party herein, cerify that a Private Administrative Process titled CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE (CAFV) (Private Commercial Remedy) via '' was served by, Vanessa Fimbres, personal service on August 13, 2008 hand delivered to the Governor's office, accepted by Secretary/Receptionist on behalf of Linda Lingle.

The Respondent (now in Default) was to respond the Private Administrative Process and rebut the Affidavits and bring forth the requested Proofs of Claim/evidence/authority.

I certify that I have reviewed the original documents of the above party and the mail receipts, green card(s) for the mailing and the above party's Affidavit of Notice of Default per the above document.

Per the above document as mailed, request was made to not only send a RESPONSE of the requested Proof of Claim(s) to the above party but also to the undersigned, as a independent third part but not a party to the matter for the sole purpose to cerify that any such RESPONSE was sent and received at my address/office for conclusion the above party's private administrative process.

Said RESPONSE was requested within a specific time period with an additional 3 days for return mail.

THEREFORE; I certify the Linda Lingle, neglected, refused or failed to RESPOND to the above party's Private Conditional Acceptance for Value for Proof of Claim in the nature of Request for Discovery within the time stipulated, failed to Cure the fault and presumption is made that Linda Lingle, is in full acceptance and in full agreement to all matters therein as stipulated in fabor of his Majesty Akahi Nui and Akahi Wahine, the Affiants/Secured Party Creditors.

Dated the 27th day of August, 2008


2 - Affidavit of Certicate of Non-Response / LINGLE Item No. 7-25-KOH