Majesty Akahi Nui
graciously hosted the first Unity Gathering of those truly interested in a
Free and Sovereign
Nation of Hawaii
August 31,2003

It is to be noted that all the leaders of the various sovereignty groups, as well as all the kupuna whether associated with groups, or not, were invited to meet with His Majesty - to settle differences - to review documents - to share strategies and most of all, to form the lasting relationships that must be in place to endure the hardships that are always the part of forming a new Nation.

Celebration, worship, speakers, food and fellowship- open to all truly desiring a sovereign and free Hawaii

Richard Hoopi`i, well known and loved, entertains and shares his manao


Those more interested in a sovereign and free Hawaii than in their own personal glory showed up. Those who won't play unless they're in charge, stayed away. What can I say, "By their fruits, you shall know them."

The representitive of the Republic of Texas being greeted and later greeting the assembled dignitaries

Their Majesties and Dr Nalua`I, MD,D.D, whose brillant analysis of the Akaka Bill shows why it would be so harmful for the Hawaiian People.

The original documents, well guarded,
but on public display

Kingdom of Hawaii Deeds


At the end of the two day gathering we formed a circle for Pule (prayer) we sang and went out.

Large haole person on the left is Pastor Stan, also a local radio personality known as "the Preacher", saying a few words, the larger haole on the right is the webmaster.

On public display were the Deeds to the entire Nation of Hawaii. Majesty's Genealogy and all the legal documents that lend convincing proof to His arguments.

It is understand-able why some self declared "leaders" choose to stay away. Knowledge equals responsibility. It is easier to say, "I don't know..." rather than, "I've seen the proof, and I refuse to be convinced."