Aloha Mr. XXXXX


I have the honor of answering you, as your E-mail has been forwarded by Eric Samuelson to the office of His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui of the Kingdom of Hawaii Sovereign Nation of God.

Thank you for your interest in His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui. I am happy to inform you that the Kingdom of Hawaii is still in existence as a Nation, and recognized by the World Court (Please see LARSEN -V- HAWAIIAN KINGDOM, IN THE PERMANENT COURT OF ARBITRATION, Thursday, 7th of December 2000, CASE NO 99001, Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands. On page 167 at lines 28 to 30 of the transcripts, [Professor James Crawford] The President. "The Hawaiian Kingdom does not exist solely in the opinion of Mr. Larson. It exists.")

The Kingdom of Hawaii is already an independent nation. So often overlooked, the fact is that the Hawaiian Monarchs of old ruled and served all the people of Hawaii, not just the Hawaiian people. The mainstream media and occupying power is very determined to treat everything pertaining to Hawaiian Independence as a racial (i.e., "Native Hawaiian" as defined by U.S. Congress) issue. The independence issue is not a race issue, but a NATIONAL issue. However, the aboriginal stock of Hawaiian lineage does have an inheritance which has been stolen from them. This inheritance belongs to the heirs of chiefly lineage. This is only a matter of race in so much as that all people who have Hawaiian (Kanaka) aboriginal stock bloodline are heirs of a FAMILY inheritance, since all Hawaiians are related, and all eventually tie in to the royal bloodline. So that then is still not a racial issue, but more properly, a family inheritance issue. Whenever the subjects and nationals of the Kingdom of Hawaii are covered by the media, we are described as "Native Hawaiians and their supporters" this is very misleading. We are all citizens of an independent NATION, regardless of our ethnic background or nativity, all enjoying equal protection of the law. Any Hawaiian people who seek independence can easily come home to the Kingdom of Hawaii, and those who are not Hawaiian are equally welcome to become citizens of this independent nation, as long as they have lived in Hawaii for the prescribed (by law) amount of years prior to applying for citizenship.

His Royal Majesty is recognized by the United Nations, and many nations which have treaties with the Kingdom of Hawaii are reestablishing diplomatic relations at this time. His Royal Majesty attended the Geneva Convention Dinner Ball. This is by invitation only, and for Heads of State only. It is inconceivable that they invited him without verifying that he is indeed the true and lawful Head of State.

His Royal Majesty has issued numerous invitations for those who wish to challenge his claim to the Crown and Throne. The first was in 1992, the most recent in August of 2003. There are many who claim to be King, but His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui's claim has never been successfully challenged, or even seriously challenged. Anyone who wishes to challenge His Royal Majesty's claim to the Crown and Throne of Hawaii, is free to do so, but they should know that he has already successfully claimed the soil (all 9 islands) of Hawaii, and holds the land according to Hawaiian law, in Trust for the people, chiefs, and crown of Hawaii. ( see Registrars Office, commonly referred to as the "Bureau of Conveyance" by the unlawful State of Hawaii, Doc No(s) Maui TMK (2)- 1 through 6-ALL ALL ALL, Oahu TMK 1-1 through 9- ALL ALL ALL Hawaii T.M.K (3)- 1 through 9- ALL ALL ALL, Kauai T.M.K. (4) 1 through 5 ALL ALL ALL.)

All comers should be prepared to prove 100% royal blood lineage and be a direct lineal descendant of Queen Liliuokalani (that the Keaweaheulu line was elevated to royal honors is a matter of history). The greatest chief, or the one having the most direct claim to the throne must rule (See Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen LILIUOKALANI). Those few family members who qualified as candidates to compete for the throne have lawfully waived any claim in support of their brother, His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui. Verification is available at the 'Bureau of Conveyance', on Oahu. I am not aware of any other family members with an "equal or near equal relation in the chiefhood to the throne." as would be required to be considered a rival claimant (Liliuokalani- Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani).

Many have claimed to be King, but none of them have challenged His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui. Why? All the erroneous claims only foster confusion and division. If there is a legitimate rival for the throne, let him come forward.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I do hope you will write back and let me know how you have received what has been put forth here. I appreciate your diligence in verifying all facts and claims pertaining to the Kingdom and royal family of Hawaii.

His Royal Majesty does not directly participate in electronic mail, however, you may contact His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui at the address below and he will answer you by mail.


HRM Akahi Nui

Post Box 2845 Wailuku

Mokupuni O Maui

Ke Aupuni O Hawaii (Please, no zip code)



Mrs. L. Kahiamoe

secretary for HRM Akahi Nui

Kingdom of Hawaii

Sovereign Nation of God