"Papa" Tanaka Speaks Out on the Proposed Stryker Battalion

Special Elder Envoy James T. Tanaka:


"When Queen Liliuokalani faced the United States Marines she said, "No bloodshed." Not even a drop of blood was spilled. The Hawaiians think differently than other countries. The Hawaiians like to make friends with others. Now the United States is thinking of flooding Hawaii with equipment to kill people, which I know is wrong.

The new Stryker equipment was designed in Hawaii and they have practiced in the Hawaiian lands and created a deadly weapon, and maneuvered in the Hawaiian lands. This is the equipment first used to attack Iraq. Now since they have used it and were successful, they are trying to open up more lands in Hawaii (28,000 acres), and are thinking of creating a whole Battalion. Take them back to the forty-eight states! They have bigger areas of land there. The Hawaiians have Aloha. You cannot make friends by killing people. Give the Hawaiian Nation a chance to share with other nations of the world. Everyone get together and protest what the U.S. Army is trying to do. You must go with strong words, GET THOSE THINGS OUT OF HAWAII! The people do not want it. Who is complaining? All kinds of people are complaining, not only the Hawaiians. In this we can succeed in bringing the people of Hawaii together. The Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli) definitely don't want them to use these lands. We are telling them to take it to the forty-eight states. Any one of the states will welcome them to take all of the troops there. These are the rightful places to do things like that, if your country is nothing but a blood thirsty country. That will prove to the people of the world, even they wouldn't want people like you to do things like that in their country. During World War II, the United States Navy started using the island of Kahoolawe for target practice, and the Army was using Makua Valley in target practicing (the Navy also used that valley for target practice), United States President Eisenhower promised that the island would be cleaned up at no cost to the territory, but it is not cleaned up, and the U.S. Navy is planning to turn control over the Island over to the STATE OF HAWAII, which never has been able to prove lawful jurisdiction in Hawaii.

The United States Military has the very worst environmental record in Hawaii, especially the Navy on land and sea. Remember, the United States Navy landed Marines with a cannon, gatlin gun, and all the muskets of the marines, at Iolani Palace to imprison Queen Liliuokalani. That was the unlawful invasion of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893. That military occupation never withdrew, and the sugar barons stepped in and took over the lands in Hawaii.

We are the land of Aloha of the world. We would like to see the Kingdom of Hawaii recognized by the whole world. The Kingdom of Hawaii is trying it's best to get in touch with the nations of the world to share our Aloha, to make the world a friendlier place. We do not need any type of equipment to fight with. We will try to educate the world by treating the people correctly. We have a better chance of setting an example of how education would be a better means of getting the world countries together with the Aloha from Hawaii. If you look in history, you will find that King Kamehameha I had unified Hawaii and all the time that the Kingdom of Hawaii has reigned, it was a very friendly nation. So Hawaii wants, once more, to be a very friendly nation with this world's countries. His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui is here to perpetuate the peace, wisdom, and Aloha of Queen Liliuokalani. Aloha to all the nations of the world. On behalf of His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui, I extend Aloha and gratitude to all the nations which have recognized him."

[the Webmaster (Eric) thinks it is a more sinister than this;- "it is my opinion that the US Army, otherwise known as the "occupying force", wants to have a battalion of fast attack units to put down any rebellion that may happen when the US officially addresses their desire to continue to illegally occupy sovereign Hawaiian soil."]