September 8, 2003


It was 26 years ago when my brothers and sisters got together and Hui Ala Loa of Molokai came into being. During that time the Protect Kahoolawe Association came into it's being. Aloha Aina is the third entity that emerged.

Of the first two movements, Right-use-ness and Aloha for our land was the motivator. The "Association" became "Ohana" when other races of people joined their Spirit and Mana with the cause of the movement.

We lost the lives of two brothers, George Helm and Kimo Mitchell. Many were arrested and jailed more than once. We put our lives on the line and persevered with one purpose. We had the knowledge of Kupuna and Kahuna Pule behind us. God is the light that led our way.

People said we were "fighting a lost cause". People said "You can't fight the Military and win." To the people of doubt we said "We together can." It took almost twenty years for our cause to come to completion. The bombing has stopped and we received the apology of the President of the United States and the Military.

We said we could because God was our leader and, we did. The first night of our illegal landing, Aunty Peggy Hao Ross came out of the dark, and laid a piece of paper on the hood of a car and asked us if we would sign. We signed the first petition for self-determination, for Sovereignty. I don't know what happened after that until the voice of Haunani Trask brought it out into the light again.

Yesterdays march in Waikiki, 10,000 Kanaka Maoli strong has led me to write this.

Kamehameha School Administrators should not have been in the same march. Their purpose is to perpetuate Bernice Pauahi Bishop's legacy. It is her "Will" put in their hands, to maintain. The complaint is about the U.S. Constitution. It is not the Constitution of the Hawaiian Nation. We are not bound by their laws, they are invaders who ripped us off. Support Sovereignty, the Will is safe there. Do your own march.

To the other groups standing together motivated by fear and lack, trust in Him who is our Creator, the Creator of all mankind. All time is God's time. When we are in fear we are easily swayed. Turn around and march into the Light not in your shadow. Trust.

The opening of the trails with Hui Ala Loa, bringing the bombings to a stop. The malama to the question of Sovereignty, or crumbs.

The way to His kingdom has been opened and paradise here on earth has been prepared. We are the Children of Light, Heirs of His legacy. Turn on your kukui, the time is dark.


Sincerely in Love and Peace,

Kupuna Anuinui


Don't be of Juda's Ohana and settle for a few pieces of silver!

"We deserve full - measure"