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President George W. Bush Jr.
President of the United States
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington D.C. 20500


Dear President George W. Bush Jr.:


May I on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Akahi Wahine. Our loyal Hawaiian subjects, the people of the Hawaiian Islands, and HRH King Akahi Nui, Lawful Sovereigns of the Islands of Hawai´i and the Archipelagos, offer your Excellency our sincere heartfelt Aloha, respects and greetings. To wish Your Excellency, your Cabinet Ministers and Government including your wonderful subjects greetings from my proud Kingdom of Hawai´i. Long may you prosper in peace and worldly recognition, safe in the culturally elevated position of respect that you hold so admirably in the family of nations.

My Queen Akahi Wahine and I, sincerely hope that one day you may have the opportunity to visit our Paradise Kingdom of Hawai´i and enjoy our welcome to you and our wonderful hospitality in the land of the Eternal Aloha

The purpose of my letter to you this day your Excellency, is a Two pronged attempt to draw to the worlds attention some terrible and grave injustices and Double Standards that exist today within our world of nations.

Recently, North Korea has been Suspected ofinfringing and contravening The Law of Nations The Security Council Resolutions and The United Nations

I do believe that in order that we may have security within our global community of nations that LAWS MUST BE OBEYED. Therefore, The United States of America must Guardedly be commended, by their recent Denouncement of North Korea to the community of Nations and the United Nations re. The North Korean continued assembly of Weapons of Mass Destruction, contrary to laws agreed upon previously with The United Nations.


To Mr. President of the United States

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Hanau ku'oko'a 'ia na kanaka apau loa, a ua kau like ka hanohano a me na pono kivila ma luna o kakou pakahi. Ua ku'u mai ka no'ono'o pono a me ka 'ike pono ma luna o kakou, no laila, e aloha kakou kekahi i kekahi.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)










To Mr. President of the United States.



Mr. President George W. Bush. Cannot, expect to gain credibility in the eyes of the world, whilst The United States with impunity charge other nations of the world with legal infractions of The Laws Of Nations, The United Nations including the Security Council, whilst they themselves constantly, Arrogantly and flagrantly break those laws themselves. Pointing accusing fingers at other nations whilst they themselves live Wantonly, Outside of The Law of Nations.

The United States of America has since its inception persistently abused and used many nations in our world, and the community of nations. Politically playing various countries of the world against each other, manipulating governments like Some Giant Personal Chess Board for their own greed. Deposing heads of nations. Covertly toppling nations and their leaders. Setting up their own Puppet Governments, initiating assassination contracts upon other world leader that do not comply with the selfish greed of the United States government. Attempting to Intimidate the United Nations. THREATENING THE UNITED NATIONS into accepting the United States rules, or The United States will meter out their own brand of Cowboy Justice, totally against the wishes of the law abiding world community of Nations

The United States constantly maligns other world nations, and attempt to eradicate certain countries arms and weapons including the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction. Even though and whilst at the same time the United States possesses, one of the Largest and most terrifying Arsenals of Weapons of Mass destruction the world has ever seen.

The United States are guilty of using weapons of Mass Destruction on Innocent civilians, they murdered over 2 million civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they have on numerous other occasions used Chemical weapons on their own forces time and

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time again and in numerous theatres of war, in Vietnam and Korea etc. They threaten to kill, to maim and bomb and annihilate nations of the world at will as if God Himself Had Given America That Right and violate any nation who may not agree with the American administrations wishes.

On behalf of my Hawaiian Monarchy, my Government and Ministers, including the good people of the Hawaiian Islands. I must stress and strongly protest in the most vehement manner, the way the United States of America accuses other nations of the world for So Called Violations of the United Nations, the Law of Nations and The International Courts of Law administered in The Hague, Netherlands.

The Administration of the U.S.A. must know that International Laws, are made for all nations to abide by including the TOTAL OBSERVANCE BY The United States of America. Americans are not immune to those Laws. Those laws are made for the United States to abide by As Well as the remainder of the world.

America, still remains in total violation of the Laws Of Nations, The International Courts of Law, by their flagrant Illegal Occupation of my Hawaiian Islands Kingdom and the Archipelagos Islands.

The U.S.A. did illegally and WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT with the full knowledge of the President of the United States President William McKinley, and Members of their Senate, sent gun ships armed with cannons, soldiers armed with Gattling guns and carbines to Honolulu. To intimidate our beloved late Queen Lydia Lili uokalani, the Sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands, who is also my ancestor and Great Aunt, into surrendering her Sovereignty over her Islands, fortunately in her renown wisdom and courage, Queen Lydia Lili uokalani REFUSED TO SURRENDER HER SOVEREIGNTY TO THE U.S.A.!

The United States did then CONNIVE with certain De Facto Entities and did ILLEGALLY, against THE LAW OF NATIONS and all decent laws of International human conduct, did threaten and imprison our beloved Queen, stole HER NATION, HER LAND AND POSSESSIONS. And are still till today Illegally Occupying, using and abusing the Hawaiian people




See admitting their guilt in: and be shocked at the disgusting illegal antics and tactics perpetrated upon the Hawaiian Kingdom by the Rogue Nation of The United States of America.

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Hawai'i IS NOT THE 50th STATE OF THE UNITED STATES! No one can STEAL A NATION & CALL IT THEIR OWN. Hawai i is an Independent Sovereign Nation in it s own right.


Hawaii is a Nation on the Rise.

Whilst I, King Akahi Nui and Queen Akahi Wahine Lawful Regents of The Independent Sovereign Nation of Hawai i and the Archipelagos Islands, wholeheartedly agree with world wide: TOTAL ABOLITION OF ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, We also believe that The United States too, should remember their vows when they signed the Law Of Nations and signed to UPHOLD THE LAW OF NATIONS, promising to assist in PUNISHING ANY NATION FOUND BREAKING THOSE LAWS.

We, the Hawaiian Monarchy, on behalf of our Cabinet Ministers, Government and loyal subjects, the Hawaiian Na Kanaka Maoli and all other respectful Friendly residents. Do hereby STRONGLY PROTEST AT THE SHEER ARROGANCE OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT flouting the Law Of Nations and The United Nations directives, and with its foreign policy of


We genuinely applaud the United States in their efforts to see that nations do not proliferate Weapons of Mass Destruction and do hereby respectfully suggest that as an example and demonstration of their own honest good intentions to the world s community, that America set the world and example, namely:


A. The United States submit themselves to International Inspectors sent by and monitored by the United Nations, to search and destroy all weapons they have of Mass Destruction, including the OPEN & UNFETTERED inspection of the White House facilities and all government and private governments residencies, and that when completed, the worlds communities, Nation by Nation will do the same. Also that it is the duty of the United States to no longer attempt to disregard the LAW OF NATIONS or the directives of THE UNITED NATIONS.


B. That forthwith, the United States remove themselves completely from their Illegal Occupation of the Hawaiian Islands and pay full financial restitution to The Hawaiian Monarchy, for the land taxes and rents etc. that they have

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illegally collected from our lands and citizens of the Sovereign Islands of Hawai´i.


Again please note:



C. That the United States, are knowingly and illegally Occupying my Kingdom and oppressing my people. That they must and in accordance with THE LAW OF NATIONS remove their military personnel and machinery, including all Naval Military, Air Force and Private Personnel, including all ships of all types surface and sub surface from our harbors and territories, and leave the Hawaiian people to their own peaceful Independent Sovereignty. And will forthwith, to promise to abide by the: LAW OF NATIONS.


This double standard that the United States has been preaching to the world for decades is admirable but as yet the United States has failed to follow that doctrine themselves, that they have constantly evaded compliance with those same Laws of Nations, is absolutely absurd and morally deplorable.




Let him who casts the stone be reminded of his legal international insecurity. America must take heed! They cannot continually and willfully, against all decent laws of the world community, The United Nations and The Law of Nations, trample on the world of man, ignoring the world order, laws, rules and regulations when and wherever they wish and expect to maintain the respect of The Nations of The World.

America and all nations of the world must speak with one voice, the voice of decency and respect FOR ALL MEN THE WORLD OVER. America could have a great role to play in this wonderful world of ours. They could gain respect of the world and not by their awesome destructive might alone. It has been said that in this world, man has progressed very little in his humanitarian values; only the size of man s destructive weaponry has increased, whilst man remains today undeniably THE MISFIT OF THE UNIVERSE

I appeal to the Good Nations of the world, to assist me in asking The United States of America to: Please Leave my Sovereign Islands Alone.

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To cease forthwith the illegal Occupation, including the abuse of my Kingdom and the Hawaiian people. Remove themselves from my Islands now! Then and only then may the United States gain favor and respect in the world. THE U.S.A. MUST LEARN TO ABIDE BY THE LAWS OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.




I King Akahi Nui, as the Lawful Sovereign ruler of the Hawaiian Islands and the Archipelagos, together with my beloved Queen Akahi Wahine and my loyal subjects, implore all nations of the free world to come to the aid of the Hawaiian Monarchy and it s people, and to insist that through the good offices of the United Nations and the Law of Nations including The International Courts of Law in the Hague Netherlands, that the United States shall be known and denounced as in default of the Law Of Nations

Additionally, that the United States shall forthwith declare to the United Nations and the World community that as a sign of respect to the worlds community and to the Sovereign and the peoples of Hawai'i and the Archipelagos that the United States will remove themselves from their UNLAWFUL, ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS FORTHWITH AND WITH A PERIOD OF NO MORE THAN 24 MONTHS.

That further, full monetary restitution for all land taxes and rents collected on land they leased which belong to my Kingdom. The Kingdom of Hawai´i, shall be paid in full to my Sovereignty and within a period of 24 months and no later than the 7th December 2.004.

That until the United States has carried out their compliance with the Law of Nation and the United Nations, including directives from the International courts of Law in the Hague, Netherlands, that The United Nations select a team of 100 United Nations Inspectors selected from various countries yet not including any members from the USA also to Monitor and to see that these directives and the good people of Hawai i are protected at all times from reprisals by the United States of America and it s illegal Authorities against members of the Royal family, the throne and or including against any individuals within my kingdom.

Furthermore. The United States shall promise and be held accountable for the safety of the Royal Family i.e.; Myself, my Queen, each and everyone of my devoted Cabinet and Government Ministers and the total without exception of my Hawaiian subjects in their entirety.

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I further declare that my own safety and that of my family and ministers has been seen to be at risk at times and still is because of our determination to see that justice is done in this matter, regarding the American illegal Occupation of my lands, and the subsequent abuse of our resources and people.

I humbly seek and implore the Law of Nations and the United Nations to see to it that these injustices END NOW. America MUST BE BROUGHT TO TASK. If not, then there soon will be no more freedom in the world.

The U.S.A. Possess weapons so awesome in their killing ability that no one will have the courage to fight for their rights for fear of reprisals of that awesome might.

There is an alarming new and dangerous impetus of USA demands of world powers that is gaining strength by the day with Americas onslaught against world communities and their international demands, that everyone except The United States must be disarmed. The United States seemingly would appear to desire to rule the world. If this is allowed to continue, there soon will be no world order.

No country should be allowed to possess so much military and such an awesome weapon capability THAT THEY INTIMIDATE AND RULE THE WORLD!

I will in closing, humbly beg your attention AND I WISH TO PROTEST IN THE STRONGEST VOICE AND TO PLACE ON INTERNATIONAL RECORD, that I, King Akahi Nui, The Lawful King of the Hawaiian Islands and the Archipelagos, have already felt the Wrath and Injustice personally of the United States illegal Administration, when recently they Falsely arrested and imprisoned me Additionally their Police Officers, who had No Legal Rights in my Kingdom Disgracefully physically molested my good wife Queen Akahi Wahine in that unlawful Bogus arresting process.

I was released from prison rapidly when Amnesty International intervened but not until and after some deplorable embarrassing months had been endured by myself. To this day no apology of any description has been received by myself or my Queen Akahi Wahine or indeed neither to the good people of Hawai i.

We live under the constant threat of the USA administration. We are subject to a MEDIA BLACKOUT and seek the notice of all law abiding Nations of the world to aid us in seeking that JUSTICE BE DONE.

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I respectfully thank your Excellency for your time in perusing this letter and PLEA FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE TO OBTAIN OUR RIGHTS. May your God take care of Your Excellency and your wonderful people. On this twenty first day of the tenth month in the Holy year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ two thousand and two.



In Sacred Trust, I am;




Majesty Akahi Nui

Lawful Sovereign, of the Independent Islands of Hawai´i and the Archipelagos Islands.

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H.R.H. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

His Excellency Prime Minister Balkenende.

His Excellency President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

His Excellency President Jacques Chirac

His Excellency President Jiang Zemin

His Excellency Premier Zhu Rongji

His Excellency Premier Mikhail Mikhaylovich Kasyanov

His Excellency Chancellor Gerhard Schroder

His Excellency General Secretary Kim Jong II

His Excellency President Saddam Hussein

His Excellency Prime Minister Lionel Jospin

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

His Excellency Prime Minister Tony Blair

His Excellency Supreme Leader

Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khamenei

His Excellency President Mohammed Khatami

His Excellency President Muhammad Rafiq Tarar

His Excellency Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf

Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

His Excellency President Kocheril Raman Narayanan

His Excellency Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee

His Majesty King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al-Aud

His Majesty Crown Prince, First Dep. Prime Min and Cdr. Of the Natl. Guard

Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

His Majesty King Abdullah

His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Fayez Tarawneh

His Excellency President Ali Abdullah Saleh

His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Eryani

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf

His Excellency Prime Minister Gran Persson



His Excellency Chmn.-in-Office: Mircea Dan Geoana (Romania)

His Excellency Sec. Gen.: Jan Kubis (Slovak Republic)

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

The Presidium:

His Excellency President Sigridur Anna Pordardottir (Iceland)

Nordic Council



Her Excellency Sec. Gen. Of the Intnatl. Secretariat: Irene Kahn

His Excellency Chairperson of the Intnatl. Exec. Com: Colm O Cuanchain

Amnesty International

International Secretariat

National Security Council

NSC Advisor Condoleezza Rice

The White House

President George W. Bush.

President of The United States

League of Arab Nations.


His Excellency Secretary General Amr Moussa (Egypt)

League of Arab States

Arab Information Center.

His Excellency Kofi A. Annan.

Secretary General to The United Nations.

His Excellency. Fmr President

Of the African National Congress

President of South Africa.

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