Kingdom of Hawaii Government Flag

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Ke Aloha O Ka Haku Queens Prayer
Queen Liliuokalani 1893 Bringing TRUTH & JUSTICE for Our Nation Majesty Akahi Nui 1992
Majesties Coronation
The Hawai'i Kingdom, AKA Kingdom of Hawai'i, led by His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui, now reclaims it's Rightful position as the one true and Sovereign government of Hawaii. As a Sentinel of Justice, it is restoring its lands and people through lawful engagement and peaceful rule. It was January 17th,1893 when the Kingdom was suspended (yet neither abrogated nor abdicated), as diabolical businessmen overthrew this peaceful Monarchy through a U.S. military coup d'etat. Violating five peace accords, they set the stage of unlawful foundation for what became the military-industrial U.S. defacto State of Hawaii in 1959. The Kingdom now rises with the same mind it was suspended; restoring historic foundations of true government and good society, that of Honor, Truth, Justice, Peace and Prosperity in its lands. In the Spirit of Honor, that Cornerstone of true government, Majesty's HRM Akahi Nui and HRH Akahi Wahine take on modern injustice with enduring dedication. Having treaties with over 20 nations, as founding members of the Universal Postal Union and Savings, the League of Nations and other international organizations of the 18th century, the Hawai'i Kingdom now returns as a leader among nations, in fulfillment of obligations of state.